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|- | Wakisii ||Translated from: [Kisii People] ||1.5||BT||Nice. Please double check links (some of which could be active like DRC if punctuation was outside the link) and suchlike

|- | Wilaya ya Gucha ||Translated from: [Gucha District] ||0.5||BT|| overwritten previous article started Aug 3, 2009 by Mr Accountable; unfortunately, you deleted templates and categories; newly translated bits should have been added instead of overwriting; half point for new bits

|- | Yobes Ondieki ||Translated from: [Yobes Ondieki]||2.0||JK||

|- | Ruth Bosibori ||Translated from: [Ruth Bosibori]||2.0||JK||

|- | Tume ya Uchaguzi ya Kenya ||Translated from: [Electoral Commission of Kenya]||0.5||JK||

|- | Bunge ya 10 ya Kenya ||Translated from: [10th Kenyan Parliament]||1.0||JK||

|- | PNU ||Translated from: Party of National Unity || 0 || BT ||already existed as Party of National Unity (Kenya)

|- | Kiraitu Murungi ||Translated from: [Kiraitu Murungi]||1.5||JK||

|- | George Saitoti ||Translated from: [George Saitoti]||1.5||JK||

|- | Amos Kimunya ||Translated from: [Amos Kimunya]||1.5||JK||

|- | Kenneth Marende || (Worked with Angel) Translated from: [Kenneth Marende]||1.5||JK||

|- | David Mwiraria ||Translated from: David Mwiraria||1.5||JK||

|- | Wilaya za Uganda ||Translated from: Districts of Uganda||1.5||JK||

|- | Chuo Kikuu Cha Open Cha Tanzania ||Translated from: Open University of Tanzania||0.5||JK||

|- | Guinness Nigeria ||Translated from: Guinness Nigeria||1.0||JK||

|- | Nkem Owoh ||Translated from: Nkem Owoh||1.5||JK||

|- | Benki Kuu ya Kenya ||Translated from: Central Bank of Kenya||0.5||JK||

|- | Chuo Kikuu cha Dodoma ||Translated from: University of Dodoma||0.5||JK||

|- | Rhino Charge ||Translated from: Rhino Charge||1.5||JK||

|- | Chris Okotie ||Translated from: Chris Okotie||1.5||JK||

|- | Chuo Kikuu cha Methodist Ghana ||Translated from: Methodist University College Ghana||1.0||JK||

|- | Chuo Kikuu cha Abia ||Translated from: Abia State University||1.0||JK||

|- | Deepak Kamani ||Translated from (Worked with Angel): Deepak Kamani||1.5||JK||

|- | Titus Naikuni ||Translated from: Titus Naikuni||1.5||JK||

|- | Chuo cha Kianda ||Translated from: Kianda School||0.5||JK||

|- | Mary Wambui ||Translated from: Mary Wambui||1.5||JK||

|- | Charles Njonjo ||Translated from (Worked with Angel Akinyi): Charles Njonjo||1.5||JK||

|- | Amos Wako ||Translated from: Amos Wako||1.5||JK||

|- | Soko la Hisa la Ghana ||Translated from: Ghana Stock Exchange||1.0||JK||

|- | Super Mazembe ||Translated from: Super Mazembe||1.5||JK||

|- | Shule ya Upili ya Nyeri ||Translated from: Nyeri High School||1.0||JK||

|- | Aliko Dangote ||Translated from: Aliko Dangote||1.5||JK||

|- | Chuo kikuu cha Kiambogo ||Translated from: Kyambogo University||1.0||JK||

|- | Ababu Namwamba ||Translated from: Ababu Namwamba||1.5||JK||

|- | Chuo Kikuu cha Kikatoliki cha Ghana ||Translated from: Catholic University College of Ghana||1.5||JK||

|- | Femi Oke ||Translated from: Femi Oke||1.5||JK||

|- | Leleti Khumalo ||Translated from: Leleti Khumalo||1.5||JK||

|- | Chamanlal Kamani ||Translated from: Chamanlal Kamani||1.0||JK||

|- | Moody Awori ||Translated from: Moody Awori||1.5||JK||

|- | Saruji ya Bamburi ||Translated from: Bamburi Cement||1.0||JK||

|- | Lafarge ||Translated from: Lafarge||1.0||JK||

|- | Bidco || Created in Swahili||2.0||JK||

|- | Maasai Market || Created in Swahili||2.0||JK||

|- | Gari la Nyayo ||Translated from: Nyayo Car||1.5||JK||

|- | Hospitali ya Mafunzo na Marejereo ya Moi || Created in Swahili ||1.5||JK||You have too many English words here||

|- | KEMRI || Created in Swahili||1.0||JK||Too little content||

|- | Kit Mikayi ||Translated from: Kit Mikayi||1.5||JK||

|- | Uhuru Park ||Translated from: Uhuru Park||1.5||JK||

|- | Uhuru Gardens ||Created in Kiswahili ||1.5||JK||

|- | Ukumbi wa Mikutano wa Kimataifa wa Kenyatta ||Translated from: Kenyatta International Conference Centre||1.5||JK||

|- | COMESA ||Translated from: Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa||2.0||JK||

|- | Mohamed Ali Alabbar ||Translated from: Mohammed bin Ali Al Abbar||2.5||NM||

|- | Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum ||Translated from: Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum||2.5||NM||

|- | Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum ||Translated from: Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum||2.0||NM||

|- | Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan ||Translated from: Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan||2.0||NM||

|- | Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum ||Translated from: Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum||2.0||NM||

|- | Watu wa Emirati ||Translated from: Emirati people||1.5||NM||

|- | Dubai Cares ||Translated from: Dubai Cares||1.5||NM||

|- | Al Maktoum ||Translated from: Al Maktoum||1.0||NM||

|- | Dubai Desert Classic ||Translated from: Dubai Desert Classic||2.5||NM||

|- | Ingvar Kamprad ||Translated from: Ingvar Kamprad||2.5||NM||

|- | EmiratesNBD ||Translated from: Emirates NBD||2.5||NM||

|- | Palm Jumeirah ||Translated from: Palm Jumeirah||2.5||NM||

|- | Nakheel ||Translated from: Nakheel||1.5||NM||

|- | Ibn Battuta Mall ||Translated from: Ibn Battuta Mall||2.5||NM||

|- | Visiwa vya Jumeirah ||Translated from: Jumeirah Islands||1.5||NM||

|- | Gulf News ||Translated from: Gulf News||2.0||NM||

|- | Almas Tower ||Translated from: Almas Tower||2.5||NM||

|- | Jumeirah Lake Towers ||Translated from: Jumeirah Lake Towers||3.0||NM||

|- | Chris Hughes (Facebook) ||Translated from: Chris Hughes (Facebook)||1.0||NM||