Bernadeta Soubirous

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Picha halisi ya Mt. Bernadeta wa Lourdes.
Picha nyingine ya Mt. Bernadeta kabla hajaingia utawani.

"Bernadeta" (Marie-Bernarde) Soubirous (Lourdes, Hautes-Pyrénées, 7 Januari 1844 - Nevers, Nièvre, 16 Aprili 1879) alikuwa mtawa wa Kanisa Katoliki nchini Ufaransa.

Tarehe 14 Juni 1925 Papa Pius XI alimtangaza mwenye heri[1] na tarehe 8 Desemba 1933 mwenyewe alimtangaza mtakatifu bikira.[2]

Sikukuu yake imepangwa tarehe ya kifo chake[3] au 18 Februari, siku ambapo Bikira Maria alimuahidia kumpatia heri, ingawa si katika maisha ya duniani.

Maisha na urithi[hariri | hariri chanzo]

Mt. Bernadeta akiwa sista mwaka 1866.

Mtoto wa familia fukara sana, anajulikana hasa kwa njozi za Bikira Maria alizojaliwa kwenye pango la Massabielle kati ya tarehe 11 Februari na 16 Julai 1858, akiwa na umri wa miaka 14. Hatimaye Maria alijitambulisha kama Kukingiwa Dhambi ya Asili, sifa yake iliyotangazwa na Papa Pius IX kuwa dogma ya imani Katoliki miaka 4 ya nyuma.[4]

Ingawa viongozi wa Kanisa walikuwa na shaka kwanza, utafiti uliwafanya wakubali ukweli wa tukio hata inaanzishwa adhimisho la Bikira Maria wa Lourdes na patakatifu palipojengwa mahali pake pamekuwa mahali pa hija panapofikiwa na watu zaidi ya milioni 5 kwa mwaka.[5]

Baada ya kujiunga na utawa na kustahimili kwa unyenyekevu matatizo mengi upande wa mwili (kipindupindu, pumu kali, kifua kikuu n.k.) na wa nafsi (dhuluma kutoka kwa watu wasioamini njozi zake au waliomuonea kijicho kwa hizo), alifariki akiwa na umri wa miaka 35 tu.

Tazama pia[hariri | hariri chanzo]

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Magazetini[hariri | hariri chanzo]

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Katika vyombo vingine[hariri | hariri chanzo]

  • In 1909 the French short movie Bernadette Soubirous et les Apparitions de Lourdes, directed by Honoré Le Sablais,[6][7] is the first attempt to tell with the new cinematographic art the story of Bernadette, according to RAI 3 documentary Lourdes. La storia.[8]
  • In 1929 the French film La vie merveilleuse de Bernadette directed by Georges Pallu and starring Alexandra as Bernadette.[9]
  • In 1935 the Portuguese Georges Pallu directed La Vierge du rocher ("The Virgin of the Rock") with Micheline Masson in the role of Bernadette.[10]
  • Bernadette's life was given a fictionalized treatment in Franz Werfel's novel, The Song of Bernadette, which was later adapted into a 1943 film of the same name starring Jennifer Jones as Bernadette and the uncredited Linda Darnell as the Immaculate Conception. Jones won the Best Actress Oscar for this portrayal.[11]
  • In 1961 Daniéle Ajoret portrayed Bernadette in Bernadette of Lourdes (French title: Il suffit d'aimer or Love is Enough) of Gilbert Cresbón.[12][13]
  • Cristina Galbó portrayed Aquella joven de blanco (A Little Maiden in White), Spain, 1965, directed by León Klimovsky. [14]
  • In 1967 a French TV movie L'affaire Lourdes directed by Marcel Bluwal and starring Marie-Hélène Breillat as Bernadette.[15]
  • In 1981 Andrea del Boca portrayed Bernadette in a homonymous Argentine television mini-series directed by her father Nicolás del Boca[16] (4 episodes of 1 hour each).[17]
  • In 1987, Jennifer Warnes recorded "Song of Bernadette", co-written with Leonard Cohen, for her album of Cohen compositions Famous Blue Raincoat. The first verse refers to the "child called Bernadette" who "saw the Queen of Heaven once". The song has been covered by other well-known artists, including Anne Murray and Bette Midler.
  • Bernadette in 1988 and La Passion de Bernadette (The Passion of Bernadette) in 1989 by Jean Delannoy, starring Sydney Penny in the lead role.[15][18]
  • In 1990 Fernando Uribe and Steven Hahn directed a short animated film, Bernadette: La Princesa de Lourdes, produced by John Williams and Jorge Gonzalez,[19] available in English since 1991 with the title Bernadette – The Princess of Lourdes.[20]
  • Angèle Osinsky portrayed Saint Bernadette in the Italian TV movie Lourdes, 2000, by Lodovico Gasparini.[15]
  • In 2002, the musical Vision by Jonathan Smith and Dominic Hartley, depicting the life of Bernadette, debuted in Liverpool. It has been performed in the UK, France, and Nigeria.[21]
  • In 2007 an Indian film Our Lady of Lourdes directed by V.R. Gopinath and starring Ajna Noiseux [22][23]
  • 2009 'Bernadette', an opera in three acts by Trevor Jones. First performance 2016 in Gloucestershire, England.
  • In 2011 a French film Je m'appelle Bernadette directed by Jean Sagols and starring Katia Cuq (Katia Miran).[15]
  • In 2015 "Le Coup de Grâce" an original song about St. Bernadette was published and released on Youtube by American songwriter Orv Pibbs.

Viungo vya nje[hariri | hariri chanzo]

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