Basilide wa Aleksandria

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Basilide wa Aleksandria (alifariki Aleksandria, Misri, 202 hivi) alikuwa askari katika mji huo aliyekabidhiwa Potamiena aliyehukumiwa kufa wakati wa dhuluma ya kaisari Septimius Severus dhidi ya Wakristo. Baada ya kumtetea dhidi ya mashambulizi ya umati, aliongokea Ukristo na kufia dini yake mpya[1].

Tangu kale anaheshimiwa na Wakatoliki, Waorthodoksi na Waorthodoksi wa Mashariki kama mtakatifu mfiadini.

Sikukuu yao huadhimishwa tarehe 30 Juni[2][3].

Tazama pia[hariri | hariri chanzo]

Tanbihi[hariri | hariri chanzo]

  1. "The first of these was Plutarch, who was mentioned just above. As he was led to death, the man of whom we are speaking being with him at the end of his life, came near being slain by his fellow citizens, as if he were the cause of his death. But the providence of God preserved him at this time also. After Plutarch, the second martyr among the pupils of Origen was Serenus, who gave through fire a proof of the faith which he had received. The third martyr from the same school was Heraclides, and after him the fourth was Hero. The former of these was as yet a catechumen, and the latter had but recently been baptized. Both of them were beheaded. After them, the fifth from the same school proclaimed as an athlete of piety was another Serenus, who, it is reported, was beheaded, after a long endurance of tortures. And of women, Herais died while yet a catechumen, receiving baptism by fire, as Origen himself somewhere says". (Eusebius, Church History, Book VI, chap IV) ...Basilides may be counted the seventh of these. He led to martyrdom the celebrated Potamiæna, who is still famous among the people of the country for the many things which she endured for the preservation of her chastity and virginity. For she was blooming in the perfection of her mind and her physical graces. Having suffered much for the faith of Christ, finally after tortures dreadful and terrible to speak of, she with her mother, Marcella, was put to death by fire". Eusebius, Church History, Book VI, chap V
  2. Martyrologium Romanum

Viungo vya nje[hariri | hariri chanzo]

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