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Kutoka Wikipedia, kamusi elezo huru

Karibu kwenye wikipedia ya Kiswahili! Ukiwa na swali lolote tumia ukurasa wa majadiliano hapa. --Kipala 20:22, 15 Septemba 2007 (UTC)[jibu]

Jamii:Miji ya Norway[hariri chanzo]

Hi there! The above mentioned jamii, is the jamii which you asked for it's deletion! It's done now. And I have some question: What do they meant when they say

The second season continues the stories of a group of over forty people who have been stranded on a remote island in the south Pacific

What I don't understand is "remote island" what this remote island? Yours,--Mwanaharakati (Longa) 08:21, 9 Julai 2009 (UTC)[jibu]

Wow! I didn't know if you're an admin at there on the English Wikipedia! All the best...--Mwanaharakati (Longa) 11:48, 9 Julai 2009 (UTC)[jibu]
Oooh, I almost forgot. Yes, I am about to translate the Lost series! That is why I asked you about it. Cheers.--Mwanaharakati (Longa) 12:00, 9 Julai 2009 (UTC)[jibu]
Sorry. I made some spell correction on your userpage. Hope don't mind! Cheers.--Mwanaharakati (Longa) 11:06, 10 Julai 2009 (UTC)[jibu]
Hahahahaha! That is a big step. I like the way you write it. It's awesome. It's pretty excited! Keep it up brother. Cheers.--Mwanaharakati (Longa) 12:53, 10 Julai 2009 (UTC)[jibu]

Congratulation![hariri chanzo]

Hello, Flowerparty. You've been promoted from none to administrator! (verify it) Now you have the right to access in a forbidden place. Congrats and happy edit. Cheers.--Mwanaharakati (Longa) 12:25, 14 Julai 2009 (UTC)[jibu]

Haha, thanks man! I'll try not to break anything :) Flowerparty 14:04, 14 Julai 2009 (UTC)[jibu]

Short stubs for the orodha ya miji ya....[hariri chanzo]

Hi there! Would you mind if I ask you to establish short stubs for the currently created pages? For instance, Orodha ya miji ya Romania and Italia - just to write even two 4 line with it's populations. See this:

Iaşi ni jina la kutaja mji uliopo kaskazini-mashariki mwa nchi ya Romania. Kwa mujibu wa sensa iliyofanyika mnamo mwaka wa 2009, mji una wakazi wapatao 308,843 wanaoishi mjini hapa.

That's all. Then you have to add some references if are available. What do you think?--Mwanaharakati (Longa) 09:34, 21 Julai 2009 (UTC)[jibu]

Hahaha, for all of these!?! Hmm, well we could probably use a bot to write such simple stubs. en:User:Rambot started lots of articles using just census data. I don't know how to write a bot though - I just use WP:AWB, and only for simple things. I'll have a think about what's the best method. We have a few more lists to bring over first! Good to see you getting involved in the orodha ya miji fun :) Flowerparty 10:52, 21 Julai 2009 (UTC)[jibu]

I could help you with this, but currently I am working on Michael Jackson's articles. So, maybe when I'm complete this and I'll join you right away, sir. Unaonaje?--Mwanaharakati (Longa) 12:22, 21 Julai 2009 (UTC)[jibu]
Nzuri sana, bwana. Flowerparty 12:27, 21 Julai 2009 (UTC)[jibu]
What kind of dictionary do you have, TUKI? 'Cause TUKI is the only one which is pretty accuracy! And the others, are just trying to accelerate... Yes, I am using it, but not often. Cheers.--Mwanaharakati (Longa) 12:54, 21 Julai 2009 (UTC)[jibu]
I've done pretty well writing stubs for Mikoa ya Japani, Ufaransa and Jamii:Miji ya Marekani. The work is commensurate with my writing ability so it goes fast. --Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 19:31, 21 Julai 2009 (UTC)[jibu]
Very nice. I like those Japanese mikoa symbols, they're pretty hip. Flowerparty 00:19, 22 Julai 2009 (UTC)[jibu]
Yeah, that's pretty cool. I like to see you two guys got huge improvements. It's impressive. And hope you gonna finish those redlinks which are in every articles about the "orodha ya miji..." isn't it? And whenever you wish my help I'll be more than willing to help both of you guys! I am sorry for my poor English, but hope understandable. Cheers.--Mwanaharakati (Longa) 07:07, 22 Julai 2009 (UTC)[jibu]
The logos are interesting. This one, for instance, is Saga Prefecture in Kyushu. The symbol says "999" reading once around the circle. Kyushu is translated as "9-Land". Down through the millenia, Kyushu in the south was the main defense against invasion from Asia. The word "9" looks like a word "power". So potential invading generals would be reading their maps and would start thinking on the concept of some kind of "double reinforced ring of circular power." With numeric characteristics. Or something like that. I suppose humor + mathematics are a typically effective method of self defense. --Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 20:59, 22 Julai 2009 (UTC)[jibu]
This flag of Naha, Okinawa is similar. The device reminds me of a word for "map" or "diagram", kind of stylized like if it were on a sign or menu of a restaurant, or in a trademark. As Okinawa is very far to the south of Japan, the sense is that the flag obviates the concept of a foreign government going to Okinawa to obtain maps of Honshu and Kyushu. I suppose in today's internet era these old flags and logos are outdated, yet they serve as a reminder of history. --Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 12:06, 23 Julai 2009 (UTC)[jibu]

Hongera ya makala 12,000[hariri chanzo]

Hi there! Congratulations for moving our Wikipedia to reach over the 12,000! Hope to see many of your contributions than that one you did. I hereby thanking you for that... I wish you nothing but the best. Yours, MuddybA.K.A.--Mwanaharakati (Longa) 12:56, 25 Julai 2009 (UTC)[jibu]

I wholeheartedly second Muddyb's congrats - HONGERA! What is more, you've thereby also helped Swahili wikipedia to become no.1 in Africa; the article count just recently overtook Afrikaans. Asante sana! --Baba Tabita (majadiliano) 12:52, 3 Agosti 2009 (UTC)[jibu]

Status report: Orodha ya miji ya Ufaransa[hariri chanzo]

Hi, in sorting through and making the articles for the cities and towns in Orodha ya miji ya Ufaransa, there was only Bayonne which had to be disambiguated to Bayonne NJ and Bayonne, Pyrenees-Atlantiques. Great list! --Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 04:33, 28 Julai 2009 (UTC)[jibu]

And I started up with a list of French departements from de:Département (Orodha ya wilaya ya Ufaransa?); it is at Mtumiaji:Mr Accountable/Sandbox 2 now; if you could take a quick look at it, to check the Kiswahili, I would appreciate it. --Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 10:32, 28 Julai 2009 (UTC)[jibu]
The list of titles-to-be is from fr:Départements français classés par région, now at Mtumiaji:Mr Accountable/Sandbox. --Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 10:49, 28 Julai 2009 (UTC)[jibu]
Would you mind if I ask you to change the "phrase" ya Ufaransa and add it to "za" Ufaransa instead? Cause proper way is orodha ya wilaya za Ufaransa, that's it. And one more question: is that the districts of France?--Mwanaharakati (Longa) 11:11, 28 Julai 2009 (UTC)[jibu]
Cool. I'm not sure if wilaya is the best translation for département. Departments are also divided into arrondissements. I think the meaning of wilaya might be closer to arrondissement than it is to département. The diagram on the right explains the hierarchy. Would it be better to just borrow the french word département? This seems to be what we do in other languages. Flowerparty 15:04, 28 Julai 2009 (UTC)[jibu]
Sure. It would be district according to the diagram. So, please keep it up, brother!--Mwanaharakati (Longa) 15:20, 28 Julai 2009 (UTC)[jibu]
I'll use département for département and article titles will be just the name, viz Bouches-du-Rhône. And I am going to publish the simple list of Regions + Departments as the list right now, and the big table list w/the coats of arms and population figures will be published when someone fills in the population figures and writes a decent supporting article. --Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 22:47, 28 Julai 2009 (UTC)[jibu]
The simple list is published at Orodha ya departments za Ufaransa; I am a good student but it takes practice to understand correct diction; please correct as you see fit. --Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 23:09, 28 Julai 2009 (UTC)[jibu]
There's also a good list at en:Departments of France#Map and list of departments. Done for now. --Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 23:10, 28 Julai 2009 (UTC)[jibu]
Ok. Yeah, that's a pretty awkward title. Hmm.. not sure, I'll leave it someone who knows what they're doing. Flowerparty 23:37, 28 Julai 2009 (UTC)[jibu]
Right, LOL. I'll just go ahead for now and work on mji ya Ufaransa infoboxes. It's not as though there is some shortage of work to do, that I should worry too much about these departements (Kifaransa) au departmnents (Kiingereza) right now. I do want the blue link for Wilaya/Department in the infobox, so I will make the 100 nice one-sentence sub-stubs with the locator maps for the departments, nothing that can't be easily adjusted by 10 minutes of work with AWB. Thanks again. --Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 23:54, 28 Julai 2009 (UTC)[jibu]
What you was trying to write it's good. It would be better to write it wilaya rather than departments. What you two guys think?--Mwanaharakati (Longa) 07:41, 29 Julai 2009 (UTC)[jibu]
Okay. I read again the above talks and I find out that we would rather leave it as department - due to in sufficient sure on translations. Is anybody between us knows how to elaborate it?--Mwanaharakati (Longa) 07:50, 29 Julai 2009 (UTC)[jibu]

Step-up[hariri chanzo]

Dude, you and your friend Mr. Accountable made this Wikipedia to be the 78th largest Wikipedia by a number of the articles. So, thanks you guys. Hope to see many stubs are coming. Cheers.--Mwanaharakati (Longa) 08:24, 4 Agosti 2009 (UTC)[jibu]

Hey, I saw some list you made on your page. When I followed those links, I found some of them are telling about duplicate images and unlicensed images as well. If found any duplicate images, please feel free to delete them. And those who have no specific explainations, please do the deletions. Yours,--Muddyb MwanaharakatiLonga 08:01, 5 Agosti 2009 (UTC)[jibu]
Will do. Flowerparty 08:11, 5 Agosti 2009 (UTC)[jibu]

Coordinates[hariri chanzo]

After I start the task of learning about the coordinates maps, I would be able to use AWB to supply the maps to many city articles. My computer education ended when I graduated from high school; I don't suppose this Wiki code has anything to do with COBOL and stacks of computer cards. --Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 17:57, 7 Agosti 2009 (UTC)[jibu]

Hahaha, I wouldn't know about that. I guess the principle's the same. It's fairly straightforward really - just plug in the numbers for degrees, minutes and seconds and there you have it. Unfortunately the French commune articles on en use a different infobox so the coordinate data can't just be copy-pasted. We could just adopt en:Template:Infobox French commune but that introduces inconsistency here; or I could probably write a small program to convert the format. My programming skills aren't up to much though. The raw data is all available on dbpedia [1] - there may be a way to use this directly, I dunno, might be worth looking into. Flowerparty 09:16, 8 Agosti 2009 (UTC)[jibu]
Well, I'll take some time to look at it. --Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 12:54, 8 Agosti 2009 (UTC)[jibu]

Jericho Rosales - Image[hariri chanzo]

Hello, Flowerparty. Is Jericho Rosales's image has license tag? It's copy vio, so, should be deleted. Not only Jericho, even those who has no image license, please delete them (though I am the one who upload it) - don't worry. We want to do the right thing. Hope understood this. Shalom--Muddyb MwanaharakatiLonga 10:37, 12 Agosti 2009 (UTC)[jibu]

Sawa. Nimefuta picha yake. Kama ninaona mengine nitayafuta. Flowerparty 17:03, 12 Agosti 2009 (UTC)[jibu]

Uturuki[hariri chanzo]

You've done it pretty well. I've seen you moved the page from jimbo to the mji. That's pretty cool. However, there is still a lots of them which has been written about the city, but one of the Turkish guy moved them to the province (jimbo/mkoa). Would you be so kind help me to move them from the jimbo to the jiji? I'd really appreciate it if you'll help me for that!!! Cheers.14:32, 13 Agosti 2009 (UTC)

Sure, I'll take a look. Flowerparty 14:45, 13 Agosti 2009 (UTC)[jibu]
Hey, dude, I almost forgot. And those who self called Jimbo la... They suppose to be move to Mkoa wa... instead of Jimbo la... Also I seeing some problem on the template of Wilaya za Uturuki. There is two words tells the same stories while slightly one are deserve to tell the story. If you open it on the articles: you'll find it says "mkoa wa (name) wa mkoa wa... This is not clear. Can you help me to check on it? Just for an accuracy... If you want to see how it's works, please open Mkoa wa Adana. Cheers...--Muddyb MwanaharakatiLonga 15:26, 13 Agosti 2009 (UTC)[jibu]
I think I've fixed it. You might need to check the translations on Kigezo:Kanda za Uturuki. Flowerparty 16:58, 13 Agosti 2009 (UTC)[jibu]
Yeah. I've seen it. It looks clear now. And the ones (Kanda za Uturki) hope it's clear also. Thanks, man.--Muddyb MwanaharakatiLonga 08:48, 14 Agosti 2009 (UTC)[jibu]
Hey, you was right. The translations wasn't okayn on the Wilaya za Uturuki. It was suppose to be Wilaya "ya" instead of Wilaya "za."

I changed it now. Also thanks for your chganges on the template of Mikoa ya Uturuki. It's awesome. Cheers.--Muddyb MwanaharakatiLonga 12:16, 14 Agosti 2009 (UTC)[jibu]

Can you help me to create some categories for Uturuki? For instance, those KANDAS and WILAYAS. Please... Yours,--Muddyb MwanaharakatiLonga 17:06, 14 Agosti 2009 (UTC)[jibu]
Sure, I'll start them a little later. They want to be at "Jamii:Wilaya ya X"? Flowerparty 17:19, 14 Agosti 2009 (UTC)[jibu]
Ok, I think I've got it: we need 81 'Wilaya za MKOA' categories and 81 'Mkoa wa JINA LA MKOA' categories. I'm on it.. Flowerparty 18:00, 14 Agosti 2009 (UTC)[jibu]

Wikitravel[hariri chanzo]

You know, "sisterlinks" has both Wikitravel and Commons links for the article. It's not important, but I was wondering why you were changing them. --Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 22:14, 15 Agosti 2009 (UTC)[jibu]

It doesn't link wikitravel. Wikitravel isn't a mediawiki project, so it's not one of our sisters. It just links commons, sw-wikibooks, sw-wiktionary, etc - check the links at Kigezo:Sisterlinks. Four of these sw wikis don't exist yet and the other two barely have any content, so I thought it better to just link to commons. If you want to add links to wikitravel you'll have to add them manually. Flowerparty 22:21, 15 Agosti 2009 (UTC)[jibu]
No, sorry, you're right. It doesn't have Wikitravel. The commons looks much better than the sisterlinks, too. 'Til sw:wiktionary is much expanded, I'll use the commons kigezo as well. --Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 23:54, 15 Agosti 2009 (UTC)[jibu]

Pushpin maps[hariri chanzo]

The coordinates maps look very great; I could go through the national city article categories w/AWB and change over settlement templates to include the map and coordinates data. What do you think? --Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 16:12, 16 Agosti 2009 (UTC)[jibu]

Sure, no objection from me. Are you hip to the two-AWB shuffle? This is what I've been doing: I load up a list in one window on sw:, then I load up the same list in a second window on en: Works pretty good. This is probably the easiest way to copy the data across, I think, unless there's another tool out there that I'm missing. I'm actually all set to add the maps to the French town articles - I've got a couple of nice regular expressions set up to take the data from de. There's plenty of towns to be going at though. Are you able to add the maps to the Kenyan towns you're starting now? Flowerparty 18:07, 16 Agosti 2009 (UTC)[jibu]
Yeah, I'll start doing that with the Kenya maps. + I'll try the double-AWB to present the coordinates and the sw:article together. How complicated are those regular expressions for getting the de data? --Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 19:25, 16 Agosti 2009 (UTC)[jibu]
I'm not sure where I'm going to find coordinates for all these cities and towns in KE, but I'll definitely add the expanded template no matter. --Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 19:37, 16 Agosti 2009 (UTC)[jibu]
Mm, good point. The pages in nl:Categorie:Stad in Kenia have the maps, but they only seem to have the main towns. Dunno, the data must be available somewhere. The regexes aren't complcated - it's just a case of changing a few parameter names basically. I can send you the settings files if you want? By the way, are you aware of Orodha ya miji ya Marekani? There's a good few articles there waiting to get started ;-) Flowerparty 20:18, 16 Agosti 2009 (UTC)[jibu]
I might not be ready for regexes yet, I've just started with the regular expressions since I downloaded the AWB last month. I would love to get the settings files, but I might not be able to fix them or adjust them, and you probably don't want to be the client support bureau for the AWB. As I use the AWB all the time now, I will get to it. .... I agree, Kenya data, and other data, are compiled and presented and published, spending time at government sites, I should see it soon. .... I've looked at all the city lists that we have and there are a lot of articles ready to be written. I have written up the lists of France and Luxembourg and that of the cantons of Switzerland, and taken a look at Italia. The sets of articles already written of course also need improvements. One thing I would like to do is to write the sets of articles for the comunidades and regions of Spain, but I sure don't know what terminology to use, so I will let it be for now. I would write more source material myself, but the Wikipedia isn't a very casual place to be practicing a language. Thanks for your help. --Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 00:36, 17 Agosti 2009 (UTC)[jibu]
K, I'll shoot you an email later. Have you looked at at all? If you type in 'coordinates of AREA' it seems to come up with the goods. Quite a nice toy it is. Flowerparty 14:55, 17 Agosti 2009 (UTC)[jibu]
Hey there! The guy told me that you know pretty well how to use the AWB. He even mentioned (accepted) the improvements of your language status (Kiswahili), so, you can help me to estblish short stubs of the Turkish wilayas? Stay blessed...--Muddyb MwanaharakatiLonga 15:37, 17 Agosti 2009 (UTC)[jibu]

Jamii wa Uturuki[hariri chanzo]

Yeah, that category was in the article I used as a template, I got going with the wilaya in the 6 mikoa and I figured I would ask about it today or someone would decide which to use. --Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 10:56, 18 Agosti 2009 (UTC)[jibu]

Huh, I read about Wolfram on Slashdot, never thought of using it to solve Wiki problems til now. Great! --Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 10:57, 18 Agosti 2009 (UTC)[jibu]
I had forgotten about this site. Today it's warmer in New England at 7 AM than it is in Nakuru, Rift Valley Province, Kenya, at 2 PM. And I guess I can get a lot of coordinates from Wolfram. Very great! --Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 11:02, 18 Agosti 2009 (UTC)[jibu]
Haha just think - you could have gone your whole day without knowing that! Flowerparty 11:26, 18 Agosti 2009 (UTC)[jibu]
Do we accept digital coordinates or must we use the DSM method? (Either way is fine with me.) --Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 01:18, 20 Agosti 2009 (UTC)[jibu]
Kigezo:Infobox Settlement will only take dms, as it stands. Bit of a pain I guess but that's how it's done on en. Flowerparty 01:32, 20 Agosti 2009 (UTC)[jibu]
I didn't want to add work but I figured it might be good to mention, I think the trend is for digital coordinates. --Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 22:43, 21 Agosti 2009 (UTC)[jibu]
Also along the line of "not wanting to add work but might be good to mention" would be Infobox settlement, changing "website" to maybe "tovuti". Something for when things are slow. --Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 22:46, 21 Agosti 2009 (UTC)[jibu]
What trend? Are you not copying these figures from the english articles? It might be an idea to translate the names of the other fields, you're right, we should probably do that. It should be fairly easy to update the names in the articles once we've done it. Flowerparty 12:15, 22 Agosti 2009 (UTC)[jibu]

Error message[hariri chanzo]

Hi, I've been putting ramani on cities, an error message appeared twice today, it is on the page, in the categories area, at Bayonne, New Jersey; "Coord template needing repair". Out of 50 edits, it appeared twice. I can't remember the other city page it was on. ... Doesn't seem to affect anything else. --Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 22:40, 21 Agosti 2009 (UTC)[jibu]

Nevermind, for some reason WolframAlpha has listings that include 60 seconds of latitude. --Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 23:04, 21 Agosti 2009 (UTC)[jibu]

Thanks in advance for the settings, I just confirmed my email address here at sw, it should go through. .... I tried putting together a kigezo of a locator map for Kanada, it was somewhat complicated, was not able to do so. --Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 23:33, 23 Agosti 2009 (UTC)[jibu]

The files are long lists of French towns, right? It's a puzzle, and I'm installing Visual Basic 2008 on my rig, I should be able to learn, I always liked science and math but I didn't get a computer until 2004, because I was away from home for a long time. --Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 01:09, 24 Agosti 2009 (UTC)[jibu]

Coordinates[hariri chanzo]

Flowerparty, salaam! Umeona hilo neno hapo juu. Linaandikwa kwa Kiingereza. Kwa mujibu wa tafsiri za Kipala, nimeona akiandika: "ramani ya kijiografia". Hivyo, inatakiwa imebadilishwe na kuwa "ramani ya kijiografia"! Ni hayo tu, kaka. Salam nyingi kutoka Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Wako,--Muddyb MwanaharakatiLonga 13:35, 25 Agosti 2009 (UTC)[jibu]

Google Translate[hariri chanzo]

Hi there! Someone told me about Google Translate. Did you try to use it? You can add a whole sentence and can be translated all. However, the translation for some texts are not correct, but it's help a lots. Try it, please.--Muddyb MwanaharakatiLonga 14:15, 26 Agosti 2009 (UTC)[jibu]

Hi there! I would like to inform you that our Wikipedia has reached over the 14,000 articles! I hereby thanking you for your contributions... I expect to see many other contributions from you. I wish you nothing, but the best! Yours,--Muddyb MwanaharakatiLonga 14:35, 11 Septemba 2009 (UTC)[jibu]

mradi wa Google kwa ajili ya wikipedia yetu[hariri chanzo]

Ndugu Flowerparty, salaam!
Nimepata mawasiliano kutoka Christine Moon huko Palo Alto, California. Yeye anafanya kazi kwa shirika la Google, nao wameanza kupanga mradi au huduma kwa ajili ya wanafunzi wa vyuo vikuu nchini Tanzania na Kenya ili waelimishwe kuandika makala kwa wikipedia ya Kiswahili. Kumbe!
Christine sasa ametualika kumwandikia maoni yetu, angalia tovuti hiyo:
Bahati mbaya yeye haelewi Kiswahili, kwa hiyo itakuwa lazima kumwandikia kwa Kiingereza. Ukihitaji msaada wangu upande wa kumwandikia, karibu unijulishe. Asante kwa michango yako!
Ni wako katika ujenzi wa lugha yetu, --Baba Tabita (majadiliano) 08:01, 10 Oktoba 2009 (UTC)[jibu]

mkutano wa Skype kesho kutwa[hariri chanzo]

Ndugu Flowerparty, salaam! Jumatatu tarehe 19, saa kuminamoja za mchana/jioni (yaani saa za Nairobi) tutajaribu kukutana kwenye Skype kwa ajili ya majadiliano kuhusu kuwahamasisha wanafunzi wa vyuo vikuu nchini Kenya na Tanzania kutumia na kuichangia makala wikipedia ya Kiswahili. Mpaka sasa tupo wanne: Christine wa Google (mooncheech), Sj (metasj), Muddyb (mohammed.lupinga) nami (stegling). Ni tumaini langu kuwa utakuwepo. Wasalaam, --Baba Tabita (majadiliano) 18:59, 17 Oktoba 2009 (UTC)[jibu]

Viungo vya Commons[hariri chanzo]

Hi I saw several articles with a messy line "1. REDIRECTKigezo:Kitengo cha kawaida". I followed on one article Mombasa and found that you had changed a previous {{commons}} to {{commons cat|Mombasa}} (ling. historia ya makala). I think you wanted to insert direct links to the right commons category but made a mistke by putting an empty space between COMMONS and CAT. If you are the one who did this on several articles kindly go thru them once more and remove that empty space. --Kipala (majadiliano) 17:33, 17 Desemba 2009 (UTC)[jibu]

Kura ya kuamua juu ya wakabidhi waliopotea[hariri chanzo]

Karibu kutembelea ukurasa wa wakabidhi na kuamua juu ya wenzetu waliopewa haki za wakabidhi lakini hawakuonekana tangu miezi mingi: Wikipedia:Wakabidhi#Kura_ya_kuondoa_wakabidhi_waliopotea. Tuliwahi kujadili swali hili mwaka uliopita (tazama kwenye ukurasa unaotajwa, juu ya pendekezo) ; sasa njia imeonekana. Kipala (majadiliano) 05:32, 1 Oktoba 2010 (UTC)[jibu]

Pendekezo kuhusu utaratibu wa kuanzisha makala kwa watumiaji waliojiandisha pekee[hariri chanzo]

naomba usome hapa na fanya uamuzi wako: Wikipedia:Jumuia#Pendekezo:_Utaratibu_wa_kuanzisha_makala Kipala (majadiliano) 14:57, 26 Novemba 2012 (UTC)[jibu]