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Kutoka Wikipedia, kamusi elezo huru
Tazama pia: Majadiliano ya mtumiaji:Mr Accountable/Archived Agosti 2010

Karibu sana kwenye wikipedia ya Kiswahili! Umeanza kwa mbio, tunafurahi!! Ukiwa na swali au chochote cha kuchangia - karibu tu! --Kipala 17:23, 14 Februari 2007 (UTC)[jibu]

Thanks Mr Accountable 18:14, 14 Februari 2007 (UTC)[jibu]

Hi, I just corrected a text in the Goa stub. It said "Goa ni jimbo za Uhindi". Jimbo / majimbo come with "la/ya". Can this have happened elsewhere? (in fact, it has; if I enter "jimbo za" in the tafuta-window I get quite a list. Do you have time for this?) --Kipala (majadiliano) 14:34, 18 Julai 2010 (UTC)[jibu]

Timu ya Taifa ya Kandanda ya[hariri chanzo]

Hello A., i was browsing through some of the discussions for football teams and i have somewhere seen you suggested to create a series of team-stubs. I just wanted to say i think that would be a great idea, as there is (among anonymous users) a general interest in football as there are also plenty of footballer bio articles. So we also have Kigezo:CAF timu and Kigezo:Infobox National football team to begin with, and hopefully a full set of teams would close a circle of articles in this area. my hope is also to have those articles out there and thereby hopefully also attracting new editors.... (Infobox settlement is being worked on) Greetings, CGN2010 (majadiliano) 14:05, 22 Julai 2010 (UTC)[jibu]

Note to self[hariri chanzo]

Charleston SC, Monterey CA, Easton PA, Lafayette IN, Fort Moultrie, Denison TX

Hi A. - Thanks for all the new categories, i see removing all those red links is good, but do we want to move some of them to sw names? I had some thought on it already in respect to the vigezo, but i was also hoping to get something like this done by bot. Also my compliment to the England regions: i wasnt aware that you worked on them, until i was almost done. hope all is fine with you. i would like to have England (country) moved to England and the current England moved to England (maana). Everyone and everything links that way. The country data vigezo do so too. Can you do that on my request? I cant. Greetings CGN2010 (majadiliano) 15:02, 13 Agosti 2010 (UTC)[jibu]

hi A. - can you help me here: Majadiliano_ya_mtumiaji:CGN2010#Infobox settlement - Bendera CGN2010 (majadiliano) 09:45, 17 Agosti 2010 (UTC)[jibu]

Hi A. i have a task at hand for which i like to use ABW. if you are online, i would appreciate some guidance - cause it's the first time. CGN2010 (majadiliano) 16:05, 18 Agosti 2010 (UTC)[jibu]

one thing i like to do is for (the 100) articles in category:Miaka ya karne ya 1 KK, to create a set of redirects (new articles) labelled like "25 K.K." and/or "25 kk" etc. could that be done with AWB with 1 click per page? i dont even know how to generate new pages? CGN2010 (majadiliano) 16:33, 18 Agosti 2010 (UTC)[jibu]

Generate new pages=1=create User page sandbox page, and then copy city names from template in en, de, fr "Cities in Texas" or "Provinces of Madagascar" then create AWB list from the redlinks in your sandbox using "Links on Page". 2=to create city articles, open two or three instances of AWB and create article in two or three stages, which helps keeps things simple, Regex-wise. ... I will look at 1 KK. --Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 18:32, 18 Agosti 2010 (UTC)[jibu]
+ Use AWB to modify links on sandbox page; for example, copy all years from Jamii Karne ya 1 KK, then add brackets, then change KK to kk. I am doing this now starting with Karne ya 1 KK. --Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 18:43, 18 Agosti 2010 (UTC)[jibu]
wow great. i think i slowly get the principle. i thought about copy-and pasting all articles (e.g. 1 to 100) into MS Word and then modify the lot of them with the find-and-replace tool. > and then back into the user-sandbox. can i tell the text to be added (into the new page: e.g. "#REDIRECTXY" to change XY according to or related to the pagename. e.g. "{{{PAGENAME}}} minus KK"? ... i am after the "one click".... CGN2010 (majadiliano) 19:04, 18 Agosti 2010 (UTC)[jibu]
i just did what you said - 1) create and select list of red links on page, 2) Task (under more) typed in the basic structure which was

: %%fullpagename%% ni mji wa Hesse nchini Ujerumani.

Tazama pia ==

  • Orodha ya miji ya Ujerumani

commonscat mbegu-jio-Ujerumani

Jamii:Miji ya Hesse

da:%%fullpagename%% de:%%fullpagename%% en:%%fullpagename%% es:%%fullpagename%%

and 3) pressed start. the AWB was just running through them by itself like a machine, i seemed not even to have to save changes. - Sad thing is, it doesnt show up....

Thats just beautiful! CGN2010 (majadiliano) 20:12, 18 Agosti 2010 (UTC)[jibu]
the category looks like a full category now.

now for the next step, is there a way of getting the indivual data into the articles. in that list, i have the # of inhabitants of towns all listed next to the town name. can that be used for some automation? CGN2010 (majadiliano) 20:25, 18 Agosti 2010 (UTC)[jibu]

would it work with a second list, to run chronological and be pasted in the articles of the first list, using the "find and replace" tool? CGN2010 (majadiliano) 20:29, 18 Agosti 2010 (UTC)[jibu]

could we do "one click" American style-redirects to Kenyan and Tanzanian towns with # REDIRECT [[ %%fullpagename%% , Tanzania]]? - i think there are plenty of user redirecting that way and imports from en are often kept that way. CGN2010 (majadiliano) 12:59, 20 Agosti 2010 (UTC)[jibu]
do you think it is fair to add "Jamii:Miji ya Tanzania" to all articles in "Jamii:Tanzania" if they contain the text "|settlement_type = Jiji" or "|settlement_type = Mji"? the first mentioned cat looks pretty empty... CGN2010 (majadiliano) 13:44, 20 Agosti 2010 (UTC)[jibu]
those two jobs are really menat for a bot, as jamii:Tanzania is huge. i have another-one: since there are two versions for naming wilayas in use ("Wilaya ya..." and "... (wilaya)") a redirect from one to the other might help new users to get a blue link - without checking where the article might sit. this could be done in a 3-step-AWB: using the if and replace functions, but again maybe for a bot? CGN2010 (majadiliano) 15:24, 20 Agosti 2010 (UTC)[jibu]

Hi A. is the hint response at PAGENAME Functions any helpful to you? i still cant do it. CGN2010 (majadiliano) 17:40, 24 Agosti 2010 (UTC)[jibu]

19,800?[hariri chanzo]

Hi, are you kidding me? It was a day before yesterday I left 18,00+ and today looked up found 19,800+ how? Things went pretty faster - didn't even think if it would be like that! Anyway, it's really impressed me and total amazing stuffs. Man, you and CGN2010 are doing very great so far. At least I've got some story to tell on my blog! Cheers.--MwanaharakatiLonga 06:58, 20 Agosti 2010 (UTC) [jibu]

I've blogged about this. See here--MwanaharakatiLonga 09:28, 20 Agosti 2010 (UTC)[jibu]
i am working on the settlement kigezo - you said you ´had some comments. i just noticed there is no jina but only a jina_rasmi parameter. i wouldnt have done it that way but if there arent any objections i will overwrite all the "name" parameters for bendera and nembo. CGN2010 (majadiliano) 03:47, 21 Agosti 2010 (UTC) (or better: keep them overwritten as is (with the flag working) 03:49, 21 Agosti 2010 (UTC)[jibu]
good news: the nembo and bendera are now working in the infobox_settlement: see Wuppertal (for both) and Arnsberg (for just nembo) i have reduced the standard size for the nembo to 80px as 100px looked disproportioal against the flag. Also see source code to copy into other articles: "picha_ya_nembo" etc.... CGN2010 (majadiliano) 04:54, 21 Agosti 2010 (UTC)[jibu]
You have new messages
You have new messages
Salam, Mr Accountable. Una ujumbe mpya kwa [[ Majadiliano ya mtumiaji:CGN2010 #CGN2010 (majadiliano) 06:06, 21 Agosti 2010 (UTC) |CGN2010's Majadiliano]].[jibu]
You can remove this notice at any time by removing the {{Talkback}} or {{Tb}} template.

When you get back, can i leave this one (for "Miji ya Ubelgiji") to you: if contains |subdivision_name1 = Flandria >> add category:Flandria ; if |subdivision_name1 = Wallonia >> add category:Wallonia

Ok, maybe I should use English Jamii:Flanders, Wallonia is the same. Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 16:35, 21 Agosti 2010 (UTC)[jibu]

i am not sure how that works in one go. CGN2010 (majadiliano) 13:19, 21 Agosti 2010 (UTC) PS: i can bother about maps right now, so feel free if u want. i also know en and de are using bots to replace the wrong 1,000-mark to dot or komma. normally i prefer the komma too, the dot is just handyly available for copy+paste. 13:24, 21 Agosti 2010 (UTC)[jibu]

See your user page. Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 16:35, 21 Agosti 2010 (UTC)[jibu]

i apologize if i interrupt your AWB: what is going to happen with the front page? CGN2010 (majadiliano) 21:22, 22 Agosti 2010 (UTC) - oh: and the bot for me? 21:29, 22 Agosti 2010 (UTC)[jibu]

Well, shall I change it, maybe for a month or maybe until we get to 21,000? ... And, as far as AWB is concerned, at 'Find and Replace', I have not looked at 'Template Substitution', I think it might have functionalty that will help with infoboxes; I don't know. Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 22:26, 22 Agosti 2010 (UTC)[jibu]
Front page: I just looked at it; 1=I don't know exactly how to edit it, 2=I think that I might need to re-do the picture. Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 22:30, 22 Agosti 2010 (UTC)[jibu]

hello A. for the belgian regions we have now done it in two steps. i thought about two rules (if...then... ), (if...then...) but that is difficult to relate to categories. and the "add category function" just helps with one function at a time (as far as i know). for the templates, i had the impression, you can choose to edit only within templates (and then run a bot (!?).

i am writing you for the Rome article to be moved to Rome. it looks archaical to have ot a mji wa... and almost all pages linking mean the city - and if not (they are just unprecise)- the disamb. page for it has just been moved to maana. i can also speak w/ Kipala for me to get moving rights, based on you not objecting it (and having less request from me). CGN2010 (majadiliano) 23:14, 22 Agosti 2010 (UTC)[jibu]

Good evening... when you look at Majadiliano ya mtumiaji:CGN2010/sandbox/10, you ll see a sketch on how a set of sw:wikiprojects could start. i want to set up a base structure, as one might loose control of now 20.000 articles. any comments or proposals on it? ideally people will take over those projects. CGN2010 (majadiliano) 21:15, 23 Agosti 2010 (UTC)[jibu]

Hi, did you get any further with AWB and my questions to \. etc.? i just wanted to respond to the help @ the en page. so that would be a good point in time for any more questions... CGN2010 (majadiliano) 00:17, 25 Agosti 2010 (UTC)[jibu]

Maybe space box "Regular Expression", if that's what you're using. I solved a few AWB problems with regular expressions, including that of converting a sandbox page of [[Paterson, New Jersey|Paterson]] to [[Paterson]] using regular expressions (Regex). I didn't save it though, and I can't remember it exactly. They do work perfectly, though. Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 00:22, 25 Agosti 2010 (UTC)[jibu]

i just had the BK in the find-replace of the advanced settings (regex ticked) and was running a test, and it worked fine (the BK was replaced). when i tried to perform a run with AWB (including the "more" pretend function - it didnt work. the problem is that i ask the awb to perform 2 equations: 1) put title into brackets, 2) substrctt BK. do i need to put the #redirect into the advanced settings for it to work? CGN2010 (majadiliano) 00:35, 25 Agosti 2010 (UTC)[jibu]

PS: BK is still the 299 BK > 299 CGN2010 (majadiliano) 00:35, 25 Agosti 2010 (UTC)[jibu]

I don't know, I didn't study regex in school or anything, I just think it's really interesting. I learned all I know about Regex from en:Regex, some links from en:Regex and the AWB Regex and Find and Replace pages, which describe the mildly specialized regex used by AWB. I don't have the energy to solve a regex problem right now, but in the future I will probably have to figure out some regex, and I will let you know how it goes. I mean, it's not like you're unable to edit the Wikipedia, you're just trying to win the prize of one-stepping the #redirect Problem. ... LOL ... How do you capitalize "#"? ... If you do solve the problem, please present your findings. Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 00:51, 25 Agosti 2010 (UTC)[jibu]
This is interesting, TZ government has decided to create two new regions, Geita and Sima Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 01:39, 25 Agosti 2010 (UTC)[jibu]

Hi, Mr A., i have another request for moving: Ha should go onto HA to fit into the set (see Wikipedia:Mradi wa Kifupi/2herufi). Eventually - I guess - some letters should become redirect to certain articles and their respective "maana" content to be moved to a "XY (maana)". CGN2010 (majadiliano) 00:30, 28 Agosti 2010 (UTC)[jibu]

thanks for the move. I have another one: Lamu (mji) should be at Lamu, as all the other town in Kenya (as least KE is then consistently named). CGN2010 (majadiliano) 18:24, 29 Agosti 2010 (UTC)[jibu]

Hi Mr. A., is it possible for me to get another AWB account for automated saves? if you look at this, half my edits were autosave, and i prefer to have autosave edits seperated. Bot name of preference: Mtumiaji:CGNbot. I would then do all autosave jobs on that account (optional with AWB not shown). CGN2010 (majadiliano) 19:50, 30 Agosti 2010 (UTC)[jibu]

Thinking ..... Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 01:56, 31 Agosti 2010 (UTC)[jibu]
I see no reason why not, but I need to check if there's a rule about this at AWB. And, could you check with some of the other administrators, ie Kipala and MuddyB? If we're clear, I will 1=remove CGN2010 from 'Approved AWB bots', 2=add CGNbot to 'Approved AWB bots' and 3=leave 'Approved AWB users' as is. You will then have one approved AWB bot account and one approved AWB account. Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 02:10, 31 Agosti 2010 (UTC)[jibu]

Oh, and there is another move: Erwin Schrödinger is listed just under his surname. 19:52, 30 Agosti 2010 (UTC)

Imefanyika Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 01:55, 31 Agosti 2010 (UTC)[jibu]
MuddyB is informed about the new CGNbot. RE: updating the main page with the 20,000 could still be done, whats more important though, is an update of the sister project links to commons:Mwanzo (instead of "main page"). i have asked MuddyB - whoever has more time to do it. CGN2010 (majadiliano) 15:25, 31 Agosti 2010 (UTC)[jibu]
OK. AWB documentation makes me think that a decision like this is in the purview of the individual wiki, so I may as well go ahead and add the CGNbot to "Approved AWB Bots" at the check page. Happy editing! Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 00:34, 1 Septemba 2010 (UTC)[jibu]
Ready to go. CGNbot (majadiliano) 01:08, 1 Septemba 2010 (UTC)[jibu]

Mwanzo is done CGN2010 (majadiliano) 16:05, 31 Agosti 2010 (UTC)[jibu]

Please throw out User[hariri chanzo]

Hi akaunti, I tell you and Muddy: there is a guy who registered an account today from URL under a name starting with "My name is Bsadowski1 and I like to dip 8 inch . . . and the rest is just porno. I cannot throw him out because the filter here in Iran blocks me from opening an adress with these words in it. Kindly throw hom out and block also his URL indefinitely. 20:42, 1 Septemba 2010 (UTC)[jibu]

OK, that URL blocked milele and user page is deleted. Thanks very much. Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 22:53, 1 Septemba 2010 (UTC)[jibu]

Hi A: I am currently uniforming all known templates: could you replace the content of Kigezo:Futa with the one on Majadiliano ya kigezo:Futa (all functions will be maintained, the templates are just supposed to use all the same mega-Kigezo:Ambox. thanks CGN2010 (majadiliano) 14:18, 3 Septemba 2010 (UTC)[jibu]

Imefanyika. Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 16:50, 3 Septemba 2010 (UTC)[jibu]
thx. what do u think of the talk headers as in Majadiliano:Tanzania? the project links are currently redirects, but can be set up anytime - by anyone. CGN2010 (majadiliano) 18:40, 3 Septemba 2010 (UTC)[jibu]
The talk headers Majidilliano + Mradi wa Tanzania look great, should I start putting them on Tanzania articles?

PS: for our next jumb in # of articles i want us to have a wiki depth of 20 or over, (which some additional 2,000 talk pages would do) - did you notice: there were some 500 year pages without link and giving them links in yesterdays bot session increased our depth from 16 to 18. CGN2010 (majadiliano) 18:44, 3 Septemba 2010 (UTC)[jibu]

So the talk header Kigezo:Majidilliano can go on every page? This is a good idea, I will start on it soon. I am still finishing up the banners in African country categories on EN, and I have a plan to start putting EN Africa categories into major Portals, starting with football and basketball and then more important ones like politics, government, law and companies. This shouldn't take too long, but I need to think about how to do so. ... I will think about my work schedule vis a vis EN and SW. Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 02:54, 4 Septemba 2010 (UTC) + + + Wiki depth is a good statistic, where is our depth listed? Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 02:58, 4 Septemba 2010 (UTC)[jibu]

depth is here (on the very right). cant you do the tags by bot? (dont want to sound silly- dont know what exactly is involved.) thats what i do... we should get the depth of 20 by tomorrow. we need more articles in hisabati and sayansi. my strategy on articles includes all 100T+inhab. cities in India. Come back over here... :-) --CGN2010 (majadiliano) 03:19, 4 Septemba 2010 (UTC)[jibu]

Yes, the upper part can go onto any talk page: user, article, portal.. etc./ the mradi-tag has to be made custom (not much too it, but do you know how to sort the articles by PAGENAME > without the "Majadiliano"? currently they are all on "M"? i know it shouldnt be difficult. --CGN2010 (majadiliano) 03:25, 4 Septemba 2010 (UTC)[jibu]

just to share with you: i thought it would be funny to organize them in a large Africa-mradi, so i have skipped that for TZ. now for countries outside east afrika it might be an option to create mradi by continents or regions (East Asia...) but that is bound to become complicated. i only want to set up a structure, that can easily be adopted for anybody to come up with a new geo-project. --CGN2010 (majadiliano) 03:31, 4 Septemba 2010 (UTC)[jibu]

bot etc.[hariri chanzo]

Hello A., please have a look at Mtumiaji:CGNbot and possibly Wikipedia:Bots: it is supposed to be a bot, but i realized, on recent changes it shows up as a user. Greetings, CGN2010 (majadiliano) 00:50, 5 Septemba 2010 (UTC)[jibu]

I don't know how else to get an AWB account going on our Wikipedia, other than to AWB-register it as a user. I am not aware of any AWB user, running AWB with Bot function turned on, being classified as a regular bot. As an AWB bot user, you are given regular privileges and you are only required to get AWB approval. As a bot operator, you must register with the bots, I have not registered any bots, I think the list and signup might be at Jumuia. .... As far as mradi are concerned, I think the mradi pages look very good, the only thing missing is editors to create material and monitor the mradi. ... I am not sure of what lists to use for creating mradi kwa eneo; Central, South, West and East Africa vary from source to source, but if there's overlap between regions (Angola in South and Central, Sudan in North and East, etc) then it will probably work ok. Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 09:57, 5 Septemba 2010 (UTC)[jibu]
PS do you have a real bot? If that is the case, then as administrator I would approve its use. Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 10:00, 5 Septemba 2010 (UTC)[jibu]
i got some information about bots and their special status. Being bot approved or not: i would still have to comply to those policies on automated changes (almost the same as AWB). If there are - other than that - any more rights (and consequently duties), id rather not have it as a bot. CGN2010 (majadiliano) 14:10, 5 Septemba 2010 (UTC) PS: the rules listed above are just en:rules. other wikis can use as much bot as they want or can "afford". Wikipedia ya Kiitalia for example is using bots extensively. I can try to get other admins to give a feedback - the main questions to me remains if sw:admins want CGNbot to show up on recent changes? CGN2010 (majadiliano) 14:20, 5 Septemba 2010 (UTC)[jibu]
Please see here. (i like fr:Modèle:Ar which is a combination of the two and still allows 1:1 transfer from en.) CGN2010 (majadiliano) 15:15, 5 Septemba 2010 (UTC) --- All sorted. Please add Kigezo:En to Jamii:Vigezo vya languageicon. CGN2010 (majadiliano) 15:37, 5 Septemba 2010 (UTC)[jibu]
Kigezo:en Imefanyika Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 01:54, 6 Septemba 2010 (UTC)[jibu]

hi, the en template needs to have everything outside the curvy brackets inside a "noinclude" - otherwise all articles with this template will be collected in that vizego-category, and the interwiki will also appear on all those articles. CGN2010 (majadiliano) 02:05, 6 Septemba 2010 (UTC)[jibu]

check the talk page of the template:en (use copy and paste and remove the "<!-- -->"). i went through this a few weeks ago with that {{tl}} template. thats why i said "everything" (even spaces). added: hey, just remove the write-protection and i ll do it. CGN2010 (majadiliano) 09:42, 6 Septemba 2010 (UTC)[jibu]

in regards to the language icons: the fact they are simple, i think speaks for them. the french template includes the function we currently cover with templates at Jamii:Multilingual support templates. (e.g. see Geneva; that article also has IPA templates, which is currently only used by a handful of articles on sw, but if wanted over here, would include a lot of IPA tables etc.?) if you want to reorganize the templates, i would extend the two-letter-templates by said function as used on fr:wp, and have all the {{lang-xy}} become redirects. the main advantage would be easier transfer from fr. i also had problems in this regard with town-lists from de. i could do the main template and one as an example, but would leave all the others to you, if ok. i wouldnt move things away from the two-letter-templates, as a lot of wikis use them that way (and they are simple.). its not on my priority, but if you want to do it, i will guide you through it. CGN2010 (majadiliano) 09:37, 6 Septemba 2010 (UTC)[jibu]

@Two-letter templates, thanks, I was wondering if we were losing functionality by having so many two-letter template names being used for langicons, but it seems we are ok per you. .... @Template editing, I know you would like to have me involved in writing the templates, but, alas, I don't have the energy to really start learning it now. But, I will try. I'm almost done with banners on EN Category talk pages of Africa, maybe later today I will actually take a look at them. ... And I fixed Kigezo:en Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 11:17, 6 Septemba 2010 (UTC)[jibu]

One thing to keep in mind for the kzego: always have the "noinclude" DIRECTLY behind the code - and for easier visual understanding - have a) categories and b) interwikis always start in a new line. it doesnt matter if there are spaces and explanantions and comments and all INSIDE the noinclude. However, the "noinclude" should always close have a start (<noinclude>) and an end (</noinclude>). --CGN2010 (majadiliano) 12:25, 6 Septemba 2010 (UTC)[jibu]

Translation request[hariri chanzo]

Please translate en:2010 Pichilemu earthquake and en:Pichilemu to Swahili. A few lines must be enough :-) Thanks --Diego Grez (majadiliano) 23:52, 6 Septemba 2010 (UTC)[jibu]

More vigezo[hariri chanzo]

Hello, there now is a WP:Mradi wa Tanzania (the top/content part i will still work on as on the "to do") but i also thought about bringing all the stub templates into a form like that... / and there are a few more templates: as {{User user-us}}. --CGN2010 (majadiliano) 20:31, 13 Septemba 2010 (UTC)[jibu]

something happened to the way article geo coordinates are being displayed. Somehow they all got dropped by a line or so and are now on top of other text. Do you know what hapened? CGN2010 (majadiliano) 22:52, 13 Septemba 2010 (UTC) PS: see the new WP:Mradi wa Kenya and WP:Mradi wa Uganda. They are both unallocated at the moment, but at least its a start. --CGN2010 (majadiliano) 22:52, 13 Septemba 2010 (UTC)[jibu]

Hi Mr.A - just discovered a number of year-redirects that don't seem to make a lot of sense. You still want these to redirect properly, or should all of them be deleted? Thanks for taking care of it. Wasalaam, --Baba Tabita (majadiliano) 08:56, 16 Septemba 2010 (UTC)[jibu]

I must not have completed these properly, I will fix it. Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 05:21, 17 Septemba 2010 (UTC)[jibu]
I saw you mentioning these in your Sandbox No.6 but then, you seem to have presumed that it was done already. Alas, I only started it manually (don't know how to handle AWB) and got to 240 K.K.. However, 241 K.K. - 300 K.K. are still to be done. Please help! Thanks, --Baba Tabita (majadiliano) 15:06, 25 Oktoba 2010 (UTC)[jibu]

I am out[hariri chanzo]

Hi Mr. Accountable, just wanted to say goodbye and goodluck, as i wont continue anylonger. Majadiliano_ya_mtumiaji:Kipala#Wachawi has all the details. I apologize for my inital hostility, i had fun working during those weeks. Good luck, --CGN2010 (majadiliano) 00:12, 19 Septemba 2010 (UTC)[jibu]

I'm very sorry to hear this, hope you'll be back! Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 11:34, 19 Septemba 2010 (UTC)[jibu]
He won't come-back if you won't try pull him back. As I've quoted Oliver said that: no one can change the German's mind, but himself. In case of this, maybe he need sometime to reconsider it again. Anyway, that wasn't the thing brought me here. I'm just alerting you about the kigezo:karibu-en for those who don't know the Swahili! I'm sorry I didn't let anybody know about this before! If there is any sentence to change, please feel free to do the changes. Yours, Muddyb au,--MwanaharakatiLonga 17:39, 11 Oktoba 2010 (UTC)[jibu]
Nimemwomba atafakari tena pia kwenye ukurasa wake wa Kijerumani. Inawezekana ni mimi tu ambaye nilimkasirisha - hapa labda inasaidia kama wengine wanamwandikia. Kipala (majadiliano) 20:53, 11 Oktoba 2010 (UTC)[jibu]
Mimi nimemtumia kama mara nne hivi, lakini hasemi chochote! Labda ndio ntolee hiyo.--MwanaharakatiLonga 05:55, 12 Oktoba 2010 (UTC)[jibu]

glad to see you[hariri chanzo]

Hi Mr A - glad to see you active again. After CGN2010's disappearance about a month ago, I had feared that you disappeared with him. Seeing your recent edits has been a relief! :) Looking forward to further interaction, and all the best! -- Baba Tabita (majadiliano) 13:21, 22 Oktoba 2010 (UTC)[jibu]

dead links to Tanzania census of 2002[hariri chanzo]

Hi Mr A - how are things? I've just noticed that the Tanzanian government removed their 2002 census data from the directory, thus making most links in our sw:wp geography articles obsolete. Still, it looks like the information is available in pdf-files on - of course, replacing all those links sounds like an awful lot of work. Unless one knows how to handle AWB like you. Please help. Or alternatively, tell me how to work AWB :) Cheers! --Baba Tabita (majadiliano) 07:39, 28 Oktoba 2010 (UTC)[jibu]

BT, I know how to play the role. Pity, my PC is not good enough to carry such a burden. Computer needs a lot of updates in order to make it work. However, you can see what to do once you open the - Cheers.--MwanaharakatiLonga 07:20, 29 Oktoba 2010 (UTC)[jibu]
I'm resting from learning a lot of Kiswahili, but those TZ Geography article links need to be updated. @MuddyB, I wish I had a computer I could mail to you, but I am not a rich man. @BT, AWB is very very easy to use + as administrator you are ~pre-approved at EN and you can approve yourself here at SW. --Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 04:11, 5 Novemba 2010 (UTC)[jibu]

Kuswahilisha infobox disease[hariri chanzo]

Salaam Akaunti, could you import the ? We start etting the health articles from the last google initiative and many of them use this infobox. I have not worked on a complex template for years and try to sneak around it by asking you. For simple translation jobs I am your man. Just tell me what you need. Kipala (majadiliano) 19:31, 8 Novemba 2010 (UTC)[jibu]

Karibu tena![hariri chanzo]

Salaam akaunti, nafurahi kukuona tena! Karibu. Kipala (majadiliano) 20:32, 27 Machi 2011 (UTC)[jibu]

Thank you, WBRU 360 is a nice African American radio show, on Sunday, that is associated with both WBRU and Brown University, which is an Ivy League university. I live near here and I know that there are probably some people around who lnow African Studies or Swahili and would be interested in helping at Wikipedia. Mr Accountable (majadiliano) 21:36, 30 Machi 2011 (UTC)[jibu]

Article requests[hariri chanzo]

Hi! Do you do article requests in Swahili? There are some subjects that I would like to see have Swahili stubs started. Thanks! WhisperToMe (majadiliano) 21:21, 7 Juni 2012 (UTC)[jibu]

This guy is not active anymore. Find the active one!--MwanaharakatiLonga 06:19, 8 Juni 2012 (UTC)[jibu]
Thanks for letting me know, Muddyb :) WhisperToMe (majadiliano) 15:26, 10 Juni 2012 (UTC)[jibu]

How to set up Content List /Yaliomo on Wikipedia swahili + others[hariri chanzo]


1. How to set up Content List /Yaliomo on Wikipedia swahili Can one use just {{yaliomo}}?

second question :

How to set up "Sanduku la mchanga" sandbox in order to try and see before it goes out?

Thank you in advance


Pendekezo kuhusu utaratibu wa kuanzisha makala kwa watumiaji waliojiandisha pekee[hariri chanzo]

naomba usome hapa na fanya uamuzi wako: Wikipedia:Jumuia#Pendekezo:_Utaratibu_wa_kuanzisha_makala Kipala (majadiliano) 14:59, 26 Novemba 2012 (UTC)[jibu]

Orodha ya wakabidhi[hariri chanzo]

Salaam Ndugu akaunti,

tuliangalia orodha ya wakabidhi. Tuumepata picha kuwa umeondoka kwetu tangu miaka kadhaa. Kwa hiyo jumuiya iliona vema kuondoa jina lako katika orodha ya wakabidhi. Usiwe na shaka ukirudi tutakupokea tena kwa mikono yote mawili kwa sababu kazi iko tele! Tunakumiss, Bwana !!! Ndimi wako Kipala (majadiliano) 13:50, 27 Mei 2014 (UTC)[jibu]