Tofauti kati ya marekesbisho "Majadiliano ya mtumiaji:CYl7EPTEMA777"

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::::::Worry not. I summoned him here. He'll come and share his side stories..--[[User:Muddyb Blast Producer|<font color="blue"><sub>'''Mwanaharakati'''</sub></font>]]</span><font face="Verdana">[[User talk:Muddyb Blast Producer|<font color="gray"><sup>'''Longa'''</sup></font>]] 09:54, 18 Mei 2016 (UTC)
::Hi I do not understand why I should write this guy. I take from your words that you think he did wrong. Ok. Then there is usually no point to continue an edit or blocking war. As I know all wikipedias have some levels to complain and bring some protest and appeal. Usually it is better if the complaining person does not claim that all others are bad or stupid but calmy makes the case. SO I cannot do that on RU. What diid you try so far? '''[[Mtumiaji:Kipala|Kipala]] ([[Majadiliano ya mtumiaji:Kipala|majadiliano]])''' 19:41, 18 Mei 2016 (UTC)