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::::ok '''[[Mtumiaji:CYl7EPTEMA777|CYl7EPTEMA777]] ([[Majadiliano ya mtumiaji:CYl7EPTEMA777#top|majadiliano]])'''
::::can you create articles [[Historia ya Urusi]] and [[Jiografia ya Urusi]]? (small) '''[[Mtumiaji:CYl7EPTEMA777|CYl7EPTEMA777]] ([[Majadiliano ya mtumiaji:CYl7EPTEMA777#top|majadiliano]])'''
==List of lakes==
Please go thru the list of lakes by comparing also to the English entries. I see you work directly from the Russian version. So far I noticed as problem:
*local and international names - for Swahili users we should stick to the usual form in English. I corrected Чудско-Псковское озеро to Peipus.
* Transscription of Russian "Х" should be "kh", not "h" (thus ''Ханка'' to be '''Khanka''', not '''Hanka''')
* Not for lakes, but please be very, very, very cautious with renaming. I returned [[Kazakhstan]] (kh - h - problem); similar for rivers (example [[Lena (mto)]]). We worked so far mostly with the form "NAME (mto)" plus redirects like "River NAME" (because the first shape for the Lemma makes automatic lists easier. Name alone often brings problems, at least in Africa, I am not so sure about Russia. Lena was a problem, at least)
if you are not sure better ask!
Удачи и приятного времяпровождения - Cheers --'''[[Mtumiaji:Kipala|Kipala]] ([[Majadiliano ya mtumiaji:Kipala|majadiliano]])''' 19:00, 19 Aprili 2016 (UTC)
::and pls remember the categories - I started '''<nowiki>[[Jamii:Maziwa ya Urusi]]</nowiki>''' --'''[[Mtumiaji:Kipala|Kipala]] ([[Majadiliano ya mtumiaji:Kipala|majadiliano]])''' 19:48, 19 Aprili 2016 (UTC)