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--Baba Tabita (majadiliano) 14:14, 25 Oktoba 2010 (UTC)[reply]

Codex, karibu sana kwenye sw:wiki! Umeanza tu na umejitahidi sana. Twamfurahia kila mmoja anayechangia. Ombi moja: Ramani yako ya Afrikamap napenda lakini je haiwezekani kuipata kama picha tu? Si templeti? Hasara ya templeti ni ya kwamba inakata maandishi na kuacha pengo kubwa. Kama inaweza kutumiwa kama thumb naona afadhali. Unaonaje? --Kipala 15:59, 14 Desemba 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Welcome 2nd time[hariri chanzo]

Ok, I got it. So welcome aboard this wikipedia. We are happy about everybody who comes up and contributes! Now you did that nice Afrikamap which I like! But as a template it cuts the text and leaves a gap. What about inserting it as an image so that text can float around it? Or is there a way to do that with a template, too? And as you are good at these maps: what about another one for the continents (bara) except Asia which is not yet edited? Karibu sana (welcome) --Kipala 16:54, 14 Desemba 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Thanks! I found this clickable map thing on English wikipedia, and I checked it out on all other languages - as far as I could tell, nobody else was doing this yet. Not French, German, Japanese - only English. It seemed like a simple matter to copy the templates and translate the names from another wiki, so now I have added this 'latest technology' to a few of the smaller wikis even before it hits the big ones! I have added labelled maps for Africa and / or Europe now to: Amharic (where I am an admin), then here, Haitian Creole, Anglo-Saxon, and just now Kernewek! I'm having so much fun I can't stop! It only takes me about an hour to set it up, and translate the geographical terms from looking them up on the language wiki. Now that I have imported the basic templates, any such map can be copied from another wiki; there is a list of such maps at: en:User:Zondor/Labelled Map Documentation. The folks who did the really hard work with the coordinates etc deserve the most credit! I don't really know that much about templates, I just know how to cut and paste! But anyone here can try to improve them and adapt them, by all means! I can try to improve the placement of the Afrika map, I know it could be better. Codex Sinaiticus 17:26, 14 Desemba 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Template:Ulayamap[hariri chanzo]

Hi Codex, its Christmas time and everybody has to wish something - right? OK, my wish for that map: I would appreciate if the following maritime labels would be taken out: Bahari ya Kadizi, Bahari Gibraltar (but, iy you like instead: Mlango wa Bahari wa Gibraltar or just "Gibraltar"); Bahari ya Norwei, Bahari ya Denmark, Bahari ya Barentsi, Bahari ya Greenland

"Baltiki" could be twice in that sea; "Bahari ya Atlantiki ya Kaskazini" to go right above Iceland. If you like any reasons I`m glad to add these. --Kipala 19:22, 23 Desemba 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Asante, great job, I tried some finetuning and learned this from you!! Happy Christmas retour - Heri za Krismasi! --Kipala 18:07, 25 Desemba 2006 (UTC)[reply]