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home to many heroes[hariri chanzo]

if in any case you are well conversant of the struggle for democracy in kenya then you can't keep this great city behind.kisumu is enchriched and blessed with great town of kondele and her people,they are very conscious in mind and always ready to protect the democracy of the state

capital city[hariri chanzo]

Kisumi city acts as the capital city of the People's Republic of Kenya hence the name "Canaan" .This isn't recognize by the sitting government but by the locals,in fact it's of this that even led to deportation of NRM general H.E Miguna Miguna Kwa bahati mbaya hueleweki. Lugha hapa ni Kiswahili. Heri ujiandikishe na kupokea mwongozo. Kipala (majadiliano) 13:27, 28 Februari 2018 (UTC)