Nenda kwa yaliyomo

Majadiliano:Chanjo ya matumbwitumwi

Yaliyomo ya ukurasa hayatumiki katika lugha nyingine.
Kutoka Wikipedia, kamusi elezo huru

sw:user:Kipala please review. Thanks for your help.--Lucas559 (majadiliano) 23:31, 20 Mei 2016 (UTC)[jibu]

First look: kindly tell your translator 1) to add the interwiki and 2) to put the English translation in brackets after the lemma like this "'''Ugonjwa''' ([[ing.]] ''[[w:desease|desease]]'')", making it Chanjo ya matumbwitumbwi (ing. Mumps vaccine). The lemma is misspelled. I did not know the word but it should be "matumbwitumbwi". If your translator has time to go thru the text once more without looking at the English it will be better. Some sentences still have the mark of too close translation and are difficult to understand. How would he tell this to his grandmother (if she speaks Swahili?) Kipala (majadiliano) 06:34, 21 Mei 2016 (UTC)[jibu]
I just see, he might have gotten the lemma ftom a list like this: here it is wrong, too. Kipala (majadiliano) 07:21, 21 Mei 2016 (UTC)[jibu]