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(Ukurasa ulianzishwa kwa kuandika ''''Namba changamano''' ni aina ya namba ambazo zina sehemu mbili, ya kwanza ni namba halisi, na ya pili ni namba inayofikiriwa tu. {{mbegu-hisabati...')
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'''Namba changamano''' (kwa [[Kiingereza]]: [[:en:complex number]]) ni aina ya [[namba]] ambazo zina sehemu [[mbili]], ya kwanza ni [[namba halisi]], na ya pili ni [[namba inayofikiriwaya kufikirika]] tu.
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{{wikibooks|Calculus/Complex numbers}}
* [ Introduction to Complex Numbers from Khan Academy]
* [ Euler's Investigations on the Roots of Equations] at Convergence. MAA Mathematical Sciences Digital Library.
* [ John and Betty's Journey Through Complex Numbers]
* [ Dimensions: a math film.] Chapter 5 presents an introduction to complex arithmetic and [[stereographic projection]]. Chapter 6 discusses transformations of the complex plane, [[Julia set]]s, and the [[Mandelbrot set]].