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Anawakilisha nchi {{{1}}}

Usage[hariri chanzo]

This template should be used for athletes who have competed for different countries. There are many examples from the break up of the USSR as well as athletes from the UK competing at the commonwealth games. Other athletes have switched nationality, for example Wilson Kipketer was Kenyan but competed for Denmark too.

This template is part of the medal record series of templates for building a medal record table.

Examples[hariri chanzo]

For competitors who have competed in the same sport for the same country, the templates should be ordered Country, Sport, Competition1, Award, Competition2, Award and so on.

{{MedalTableTop|Example.jpg|150px|alt=Alt text for image|Athlete name}}
{{MedalCountry | {{AUS}} }}
{{MedalSport | Men's [[Athletics (sport)|athletics]]}}
{{MedalCompetition|[[Olympic Games]]}}
{{MedalGold  | [[2000 Summer Olympics|2000 Sydney]] | 
   [[Athletics at the 2000 Summer Olympics - Men's 100 metres|100 m]] }}
{{MedalCompetition|[[Commonwealth Games]]}}
{{MedalSilver | [[2006 Commonwealth Games|2006 Melbourne]] | 
   [[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|200 m]] }}
{{MedalBronze | 2006 Melbourne | 400 m }}
Rekodi za medali
Alt text for image
Athlete name
Anawakilisha nchi Bendera ya Australia Australia
Men's athletics
Olympic Games
Dhahabu 2000 Sydney 100 m
Commonwealth Games
Fedha 2006 Melbourne 200 m
Medali ya Shaba 2006 Melbourne 400 m

Related templates and usage[hariri chanzo]

The following templates should be used to construct a medal record table.

Opening Heading[hariri chanzo]

{{MedalTableTop}} – with the optional image parameters (see example above):

  1. Image name without the 'Image:' or 'File:' prefix.
  2. Image size. Default value: 100px.
  3. Caption. This should always be the name of the competitor, with a description of the image if appropriate.

The alt=Alt text parameter contains a description of the image's visual appearance, for visually impaired readers; see WP:ALT. It should be specified if the image is specified.

Deprecated templates:

{{MedalTop}} and {{MedalTopPic}} – use {{MedalTableTop}} with {{MedalCompetition|Olympic Games}}
{{MedalTop3}} – use {{MedalTableTop}} (for Paralympic Games)
{{MedalTableTopPic}} – use {{MedalTableTop}} with the same parameters

Main Headings[hariri chanzo]

{{MedalCountry}} – with the parameter:

  1. Appropriate template from Wikipedia:Inline templates linking country articles as the first parameter, using the when required

{{MedalSport}} – with the parameter:

  1. Gender sport, or SportMen's or Women's followed by a link to the sport page piped appropriately, e.g. Men's [[Athletics (sport)|athletics]], Women's [[Rowing (sport)|rowing]]. For mixed gender sports, link to the sport only

{{MedalCompetition}} – with the parameter:

  1. Link to the competition article, e.g. [[Olympic Games]], [[Commonwealth Games]]

Deprecated templates:

{{MedalOlympic}} – use {{MedalCompetition|Olympic Games}}
{{MedalParalympic}} – use {{MedalCompetition|Paralympic Games}}
{{MedalWorldChampionships}} – use {{MedalCompetition}}
{{MedalCommonwealthGames}} – use {{MedalCompetition|Commonwealth Games}}
{{MedalEuropeanChampionships}} – use {{MedalCompetition}}
Medal details[hariri chanzo]


All with the parameters:
  1. Year City — Year of competition and host city, linked to the appropriate article, e.g. [[2008 Summer Olympics|2008 Beijing]]. For multiple awards at the same event, only link the first occurrence
  2. Event — Event in which the medal was won, linked to the appropriate article, e.g. [[Athletics at the 2000 Summer Olympics - Men's 100 metres|100 m]]. Use a non-breaking space between a value and a unit.


- as per Gold, Silver and Bronze, but for competitions with differing terminology

{{MedalTrueSpirit}} – for athletes awarded with the Pierre de Coubertin medal, with the year of award as the first parameter

Closing Heading[hariri chanzo]