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Outreach[hariri chanzo]


  • To develop the world's greatest swahili-language reference work, with completely free content;
  • To find uses for this in schools and education projects around the world;
  • To use the multi-language content (the material will be both in Swahili and in many other languages) to benefit both native Swahili speakers and students of the language.
  • To work with university students and language teachers to promote the use of and contribution to this work


 A list of volunteers,
 A foundation of short articles spanning the world's knowledge*
 A list of interested teachers and educational programs
 A list of interested students,

Interested people[hariri chanzo]

Other students and teachers

in Nairobi University
in the en:University of Dar-es-Salaam
in active secondary schools
in major language programs elsewhere

Initial content[hariri chanzo]

Long list: List of articles all languages should have; this is around 1000 articles we should start with.

The content on those subjects in the English and French and German Wikipedias can provide help for people writing the initial Swahili articles.

Shorter lists:

  • List of important Africans
    List of Tanzanian politicians
    List of Kenyan politicians

Other content suggestions are welcome.

Comments[hariri chanzo]

Please add your comments and thoughts on the talk page. Sj