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Juma Mpanga is the Chief Excutive Officer, Founder and Manager at Jumaclicks, Inc. which own brands like youScholars, Jumaclicks Android app, Mwanafunzi app and website. He is an outstanding professional educationist, self made blogger and school psychologist in Tanzania. He educated at University of Dar es Salaam from 2016-2019 (Bachelor of Education in Psychology), Kasulu Teachers’ College from 2011-2013 (Physical Education and Sports & Geography), Mwenge High School from 2007-2009 (History, Geography and Kiswahili), Bitale Secondary School from 2003-2006 and Nyanganga Primary School from 1996-2002.

The passion of blogging revealed since when he was at High School as always was dealing with computer related issues. As a results he has managed to own YouScholars. He is now a professional Teacher at Lugalo Secondary School in Iringa Municipal Council.

J​uma Yassini Mpanga (popularly  Juma Mpanga) is the first born of  Mr.   Yassin   Mpanga. He was born in Nyanganga Village, Uvinza District, in   Kigoma Tanzania on 8th March, 1986 followed by only two young   brothers, Adam and Kudra.   His family originates from Manyovu Highlands –   shifted from Manyovu to Uvinza   District in 1976 during Ujamaa migration movement.

Juma Mpanga started Primary School at Nyanganga Primary School in 1996. He was been selected to join Bitale Secondary School in 2003.  In 2007 he was been also selected to join Mwenge Boys High School in Singida where to took History, Geography and Kiswahili (HGK) as mentioned before.

He completed Advanced Level Education in 2009 where by he served for temporary teaching at Zashe Secondary School in Kigoma and Kalenge Secondary School in 2009 – 2010 respectively. At Zashe Secondary School he used to be The Deputy Second Master while at Kalenge Seocondary School he taught Kiswahili Subject form form I-IV classes.

After that he joined Kasulu Teachers’ College where he took Diploma in Secondary School Education measuring Physical Education and Sports as well as Geography.

April 1, 2014 Juma was employed by the Government of Tanzania under the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training now a days works President’s Office Regional Administration and Local Government authority in Tanzania.

Mr. Juma  is Teaching in Iringa Municipal Council at Lugalo Secondary School. He is the Physical Education and School Sports Coach, Geography Teacher,  and Information  and Computer Studies Volunteer.

In  August 2015, Juma started blogging as his part time activity.  He is now an outstanding Blogger aimed at achieving the best in the world of blogging – owning


Juma was been enrolled in Primary School with 9 years. His late registration was caused by childhoodmate who did not got enrolled early. He did not agree to school without his childhood friends. He was very neat in drawing as a matter of the fact that he even contested in drawing art during UMITASHUMITA competitions.

And when he joined Bitale and Mwenge Schools he continued with such his  darwing art. He once even happened to participate in PCCB Cartoon Drawing Compitition at the Regional Level in Singida when he was taking A-Level studies.

When he was young he was very much interested in Journalism and Sports, the more he grew the system of the country changed his dreams. But now he can find himself inglobed in the same track of Journalism as the blogger.

Professionally Mr. Juma is a Sports Teacher currently teaching Physical Education and Sports as well as Geography subject at Lugalo Secondary School in Iringa Municipal, Tanzania.

Under his mere career proceedings, Juma has achieved the followings.

  1. Partner at Coaches Across Continents
  2. Campaigner at Kick Alcohol Iringa Region
  3. Coach at The Hat-Trick Initiative International
  4. Campaigner at Interactive Competencies With Children for Teachers
  5. Member at Iringa Municipal Athletics Association
  6. Winner at Ahlulbayt Debate Trophy 2005
  7. Participant at PCCB – Singida Cartoon Competition  2008
  8. Deputy Second Master at Zashe Secondary School 2009
  9. Accountant at TAMSYA  Kasulu Teachers’ College 2011-12
  10. Chief Executive Officer at  Jumaclicks, Inc which own YouScholars, jumaclicks app, Mwanafunzi app and website


Juma Mpanga can also draw, painter, make you laugh, elementor based web editor, writer, creative designer, aerobics coach, athletics master, motivational speaker, and life coach, even more.