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Tazama pia Yesu Kristo. Matt Crypto 17:18, 11 Februari 2006 (UTC)

Nisingeunganisha makala hizo mbili za Yesu na Yesu Kristo. "Yesu" itakuwa ni makala juu ya mtu aliyeishi miaka 2000 duniani; Wakristo wanamwamini yeye ni mwana wa Mungu na mwokozi. "Yesu Kristo" ni makala juu ya namna ya pekee jinsi kumtaja. Hajajiita hivyo kamwe; "Yesu Kristo" ni matamshi ya watu waliomwamini baada ya kifo chake wakiunganisha lugha za kiyahudi na kigiriki. --Kipala 23:35, 2 Septemba 2006 (UTC)

Baada ya kufikiria sana suala hilo napendekeza kuredirect "Yesu Kristo" kwa "Kristo". Kwa kweli ni vigumu kukubali kurasa tatu ziiitwe kwa jina la mtu yuleyule (pamoja na Isa). --Riccardo Riccioni (majadiliano) 21:44, 16 Julai 2008 (UTC)

Ndugu Kipala, unasemaje kuhusu pendekezo langu? Sipendi kusogeza bila ya kibali chako. Amani kwako! --Riccardo Riccioni (majadiliano) 19:15, 15 Novemba 2008 (UTC)
Naendelea kuhimiza uamuzi kuhusu ukurasa huu. --Riccardo Riccioni (majadiliano) 05:11, 15 Agosti 2010 (UTC)

Baba yetu[hariri chanzo]


The title song of the computer game 'Civilization IV' is a version of Baba Yetu [1][2].

We are trying to get the lyrics right (see below). Near the end, simama mwehu seems a bit strange. It must be something else, but what? Help would be greatly appreciated!

(Note that they are singing yetu instead of Yesu. But the composer had intended it to be Yesu.)

Baba yetu, Yesu uliye
Mbinguni Yesu, Yesu, amina!
Baba yetu, Yesu, uliye
Kun jina lako e'litukuzwe.
Utupe leo chakula chetu tunachohitaji
Utusamehe makosa yetu, hey!
Kama nasi tunavyowasamehe waliotukosea
Usitutie katika majaribu
Lakini utuokoe, na yule, milele na milele!
Ufalme wako ufike
Utakalo lifanyike duniani kama mbinguni, Amina
Utupe leo chakula chetu tunachohitaji
Utusamehe makosa yetu, hey!
Kama nasi tunavyowasamehe waliotukosea
Usitutie katika majaribu
Lakini utuokoe, na yule, simama mwehu

Baba yetu, Yesu, uliye
Jina lako litukuzwe.

Regards, Guido 18:36, 11 Juni 2007 (UTC)

Kind of...[hariri chanzo]

The lyrics is some kind of "our father" in Swahili. I say "some kind of" because I am not sure if is a version of some small Xian denomination or just something the producer had put together by someone whose Swahili was not too good or whose religious practice was not too strong. Basically it lookes like a somewhat garbled Catholic Version of Baba Yetu, not the main Protestant one. (compare the third version at

a) "yetu" is ok, "Yesu" is meaningless and would be wrong, that one is correct.

b) "Kun jina lako e'litukuzwe" is a mysterious line. The first syllable "kun" makes no sense at all. Similar for what you transcribed as "e'litukuzwe". "litukuzwe" is clear and correct. Do they try to squeeze something like "kweli" in??? But I just hear the one syllable "e".

Maybe it is really a composer or editor who has no clue of the language and decided for rhythmic reasons to throw in another syllable because it is just "something African" he needed. So probably the Muslims were lucky that he had not tried out the zikr. Well, as Christians our place is the cross, isn`t it? Here we are, musically speaking.

c) the other mysterious line is the "Lakini utuokoe, na yule, simama mwehu". The last two words are meaningless to me. What the Original has here is "yule mwovu", or in other versions "maovuni".

d) he threw in some "amina" (Amen) which is fine for a musical version, and "hey" which would be nice for a piece from Caucasus - and than your text processor seems to have employed some weird system for commas.

I put this up on the Forum at, lets see if someone is wiser. --Kipala 21:02, 11 Juni 2007 (UTC)

Let the composer clean toilets in Mathare Valley!![hariri chanzo]

I had a look at this Civ-Forum and was a bit shocked. All those people who have no clue praising the lyrics??? Even wanting to bring it to their church choir?? Send the the composer to clean toilets in Mathare Valley! (if he is too tender for that -but still able to put such lyrics into the world and mistreat a holy text- at least let him clean the toilet in Paris Hiltons cell!) --Kipala 21:17, 11 Juni 2007 (UTC)

Simama mwehu?[hariri chanzo]

Where it says simama mwehu (stand up, madman) I hear something like simo hule hilele instead. Would that make sense? - Guido

No sense[hariri chanzo]

Neither does. I don't think its worth while to look for more sense. After listening into it several times I really believe that someone just played around with syllables to fit the text to a rythm which was not well enough composed to suit this text.

A text like the Our Father (like other classical texts) needs a bit more diligence and knowledge to put it into rythm and music. Of course an artist is free to work against a text, or to rewrite it, or whatsoever. This, however, looks to me like a lousy example; you dont repeat the solemn text and just throw nonsense in between. You just do that if you (in your own mind) use some barbarian slang as a kind of random illustration and you feel you don't have to care about that blabber as it does not matter anyway and it will give the people who count (in this case: those outside East Africa who bring in the money for the project) the feeling of something "authentical". And he was successful, wasn't he? Just look at the tearful and moved comments on your fan site. --Kipala 16:35, 13 Juni 2007 (UTC)

I'm inclined to agree with your conclusion. A pity, since with a little more effort they could have been authentic and still have a good song. It is not the first time that they were this sloppy. In the previous version of the game, they introduced the Iroquois as one of the playable civilizations, but gave them the wrong capital and erroneously put them on horseback...
Thanks for your help. Regards, Guido 22:31, 13 Juni 2007 (UTC)