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Wikipedia:Mradi wa Vigezo[hariri chanzo]

English translation[hariri chanzo]

Some wanawikipedia have formed an Mradi to better organize and categorize Vigezo and Jamii:Vigezo. This page and its subpages contain their suggestions; it is hoped that this project will help to focus the efforts of other Wikipedians.

Everyone is welcome to help; for more information please inquire on the ukurasa wa majadiliano or see the "To do" list.

Wanawikipedia vya mradi[hariri chanzo]

Makusudi[hariri chanzo]

  1. Conducting efforts to better organize, document and display all templates in the template namespace, including: navigation templates, infobox templates, inline templates linking country articles, stub types, image copyright tags and user language templates (Babel).
  2. Solving specific templates issues, such as standardisation and locations.
  3. Improving the general documentation on how to create and use templates, in addition to improving the documentation pages of the individual templates.
  4. Clean-up of the unused, unneeded and/or redundant templates, using the templates for discussion (TfD) process and guidelines.
  5. Providing help and guidance in creating, updating, correcting and testing templates.

Mkakati[hariri chanzo]

Jamii vya vigezo[hariri chanzo]

Vigezo vya mradi[hariri chanzo]

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