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Hii ya nini ? Bendera bot kivipi91.98.113.164 20:35, 23 Aprili 2011 (UTC)Reply[jibu]

As you can see on my user page Mtumiaji:Merlissimo i cannot speak Swahili. Translation tools translate your question to "Why this? How bot flag". Perhaps you want to know how it is possible that an edit of my bot is flagged as bot edit. My bot has a global bot flag and swwiki has opted in to this, as you can read on meta:Bot policy/Implementation#Current implementation. Merlissimo (majadiliano) 00:45, 24 Aprili 2011 (UTC)Reply[jibu]
@ 17:40, 27 Novemba 2022 (UTC)Reply[jibu]