Majadiliano ya mtumiaji:Chief Alfons

Yaliyomo ya ukurasa hayatumiki katika lugha nyingine.
Kutoka Wikipedia, kamusi elezo huru

Kumbe tumempata chifu kabisa! Karibu sana kwenye wikipedia ya Kiswahili! Twamfurahia kila mmoja anayesaidia kukuza mradi huu. --Kipala 21:05, 2 Septemba 2006 (UTC)[jibu]

Hi Kipala! I'm really sorry, I don't (yet) speak Kiswahili. But I can see the smile behind your words. --Chief Alfons 21:07, 2 Septemba 2006 (UTC)[jibu]
Did you start today as --Kipala 21:28, 2 Septemba 2006 (UTC)[jibu]

No, that wasn't me. I will be doing the same here as I'm doing in the Russian Wikipedia: looking for articles where I can add some links, as long as I'm not fluent in the language. Aber was nicht ist, kann ja noch werden... --Chief Alfons 09:05, 3 Septemba 2006 (UTC)[jibu]

Nu charasho - eto toshe pomotsh! That is surely helpful. Once I have been thru with my texts I often do not feel like checking for correct links. And some of our contributors frequently forget the cross-language links. On the other side you will probably see that in this language there is a lot of variation. My way is to work by more crosslinks. Like when I inserted "kiing." as short for Kiingereza I meant to put a crosslink (which I forgot then and did only yesterday after vacation) - I feel we can need a bit more of this for frequent abbreviations. -- Tja, noch ein Germane - wird das hier die geistige Reconquista von Deutsch-Ostafrika??? Mit seeehr nachdenklichen Grüßen --Kipala 17:23, 3 Septemba 2006 (UTC)[jibu]
Bozhe moj - ja nie njemeckij, no shwejtsarskij! --Chief Alfons 17:29, 3 Septemba 2006 (UTC)[jibu]
Kumbe - smotri eto: potom "Afrikanistik Inst" - krasnaya karta is Avstrii! --Kipala 18:01, 3 Septemba 2006 (UTC)[jibu]

Another question: What do you think about this? I think the article is slightly racist, but I still don't have enough knowledge to correct it. --Chief Alfons 18:05, 3 Septemba 2006 (UTC)[jibu]

I dont think its racist, but is just a lousy article mixing this and that. Quoting bits of literature which the author has not digested. --Kipala 18:30, 3 Septemba 2006 (UTC)[jibu]