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Errors in Template:Alfabeti ya kigiriki kamili[hariri chanzo]

Please enable me editing Template:Alfabeti ya kigiriki kamili - I need to fix following errors:

I already added references to Alfabeti_ya_Kigiriki#Viungo_vya_Nje, they support my proposals. For example analogous gv:Abbyrlhit_Greagagh#Lettyryn_ass_ymmyd changes were already accepted. SMITHECAV (majadiliano) 17:13, 4 Juni 2010 (UTC)

Dear visitor, if I understand correctly you don`t understand Kiswahili. It would have been a) nice and b) helpful if you followed nettiquette and first made a proposal on the discussion page and waited for reactions. I am not convinced about your proposal concerning digamma (wau?). You have not brought any quotable source. I do not see why you should start changing with sw. if you like to have a crusade against digamma in wikipedias across the globe - better start with English, German French - the big ones. We do not know you nor your qualities and cannot check on these. I am going to return this to digamma and lock the relevant articles. --Kipala (majadiliano) 18:00, 4 Juni 2010 (UTC)
We can stick to digamma/disigma unification instead, as Greeks do, see el:Ελληνικό_αλφάβητο#Απαρχαιωμένα σημεία. Quotable sources are already added to Alfabeti_ya_Kigiriki#Viungo_vya_Nje, so read them - both wau/sampi & digamma/disigma are mentioned. I didn't edited Greek wiki at all, so it is trustable. I have approach of unifying to archaic wau/sampi and when not approved, I switch to modern digamma/disigma alternative unification. Please give me chance to edit Template:Alfabeti ya kigiriki kamili, as you wished I inverted unification goal here, thanks.SMITHECAV (majadiliano) 18:30, 4 Juni 2010 (UTC)
Nimeirudisha. Kipala (majadiliano) 18:31, 4 Juni 2010 (UTC)