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Kigezo:License migration

Kutoka Wikipedia, kamusi elezo huru
This template will categorize into Category:Wikipedia license migration candidates.

This template is intentionally blank until the licensing update begins on June 15th.


[hariri chanzo]

This is the root of the "license migration" template system. By sending it an appropriate keyword it allows GFDL images to be automatically retagged and sorted into one of several categories based on whether the file is eligible to participate in the licensing update effort.

This template is intended to be appended to {{GFDL}} and similar templates that indicate a possibly eligible licensing status. A parameter will be added to {{GFDL}} that passes through the keyword used here allowing for calls to GFDL to take the new form {{GFDL|migration=keyword}}.

Templates transcluding {{license migration}} are automatically added to Category:Wikipedia license migration templates, and may have already been configured to pass through the migration= keyword.

The action taken depends on the keyword specified: