Kigezo:Image class

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This template has an image name as unnamed parameter and produces

class="metadata dummy"

if the image is in a list of placeholder images.

Classes[hariri chanzo]

Due to MediaWiki:Monobook.css, containing

     @media print { .metadata { display: none } }

the effect of class "metadata" is that by default the image is not printed when using the Monobook skin.

The class "dummy" allows users to use CSS to suppress the display of placeholder images with the CSS:

     .dummy {display: none}

Usage[hariri chanzo]

Usage, if the parameter {{{image}}} is used for the image name:

<span {{image class|{{{image}}}}}>[[Image:{{{image}}}|..]]</span>

In a table:

|{{image class|{{{image}}}}} | [[Image:{{{image}}}|..]]

Templates in which this templates is called: [1].

Some templates use the whole image tag as parameter, so they use:

<span {{image class|{{{image_tag_parameter}}}}}>{{{image_tag_parameter}}}</span>

In a table:

|{{image class|{{{image_tag_parameter}}}}} | {{{image_tag_parameter}}}

For placeholder images used in these templates the list of placeholder images in this template contains the tags used.

Related template[hariri chanzo]

This templates calls Template:image class names (backlinks, edit), which can also be called directly. This is needed if the class names without "class=" are required, e.g. for parameter imageclass of Template:infobox (backlinks, edit).