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A template standardizing the portal templates and for other purposes. Although some portals have there own box header it shall be a guideline than if a portal is just beginning then this template shall be a recommendation.


Use Template:Box-header, in exact capitalization, and never Template:Box-Header. The template is not a stand-alone template and so ones the box header is typed or pasted the template Box-footer must immediately precede it.

| title=
| editpage=  <!-- This data must be the same -->
| titleforeground=
| titlebackground=
| background=

{{ <!-- This data must be the same --> }}

{{Box-footer | text }}


| title= The Quotes of Quotes
| editpage= Template:Box-header/sample
| titleforeground= white
| titlebackground= red
| background= white


{{Box-footer| [[Adolf Hitler]] }}

The Quotes of Quotes

Ikiwa uhuru ni upungufu wa silaha, basi lazima tutumie na nguvu za ziada.

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Box-header color palettes

The following box-headers are examples of HSV color palettes arranged by hue. They can be copied to your portal's /box-header subpage.

Border: Hn/S15/V75 • Background: Hn/S4/V100 • Header 1: Hn/S40/V85 • Header 2: Hn/S15/V95 • Header 3: Hn/S10/V100