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Correction request on the geographic name error

To whom it may concern First of all, National Geographic Information Institute (NGII) would like to extend the appreciation to you on the website related Geographical Names. As the representative governmental mapping organization that manages geographical name, we request in a reverent manner to correct geographical names of the republic of Korea because some errors were founded from the geographical name of your website. As we appreciate your kind cooperation in advance. If you have a further question, please feel free to contact by e-mail at Sincerely, Im Joobin, Director General of National Geographic Information Institute Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Republic of Korea

  • Request on Geograpical name Modification


Please correct geographic name A as B 1.Han(geograpical name A) -> Hangang(geograpical name B) 2.Nakdong (geograpical name A) -> Nakdonggang(geograpical name B)