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Please help my bot to write in sw[hariri chanzo]

Can you help me tranlating the edit summaries of my bot for swwiki?

  • bot=Bot:
  • summary_replace_deadlink=replacing dead link {0} with {1}
  • summary_update_deadlink=repairing dead link {0}
  • summary_replace_outdated=replacing outdated link {0} with {1}
  • summary_update_outdaded=repairing outdated link {0}
  • bot=Bot:
  • summary_replace_deadlink=Ersetze defekten Weblink {0} durch {1}
  • summary_update_deadlink=Repariere defekten Weblink {0}
  • summary_replace_outdated=Ersetze veralteten Weblink {0} durch {1}
  • summary_update_outdated=Repariere veralteten Weblink {0}
"replace" is used if the domain has changed, "update" if the domain stays the same
"outdated" is used if the url is still available but will be switched off soon, "deadlink" if the url is already unreachable.
{0} and {1} are placeholders for the domain name(s)

Merlissimo (majadiliano) 04:57, 25 Septemba 2009 (UTC)

  • bot=
  • summary_replace_deadlink= kuondoa kiungo maiti
  • summary_update_deadlink= kukarabati kiungo maiti
  • summary_replace_outdated= kuondoa kiungo kilichopitwa na wakati
  • summary_update_outdated= kukarabati kiungo kilichopitwa na wakati