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Kutoka Wikipedia, kamusi elezo huru

Karibu kwenye Wikipedia kwa Kiswahili!

Tunamfurahia kila mmoja anayeingia na kuungana nasi. Hii ni kamusi elezo ya maandishi huru. Unaweza kuandika makala uipendayo ama kuitafsiri kutoka Wikipedia ya lugha nyingine.

Ukipenda kutumia kurasa zetu za mwongozo na msaada, a) ukitumia simu bofya kwa "Dawati" chini kwenye dirisha lako na n) ubadilishe mwonekano wa Wikipedia kwa kubofya "Switch to old look" kwenye menyu upande wa kushoto.

Kwa mawili matatu labda tazama:

Jisikie huru kuuliza swali lolote lihusianalo na Wikipedia hii. Karibu kujitambulisha kwenye "Ukurasa wa mtumiaji". Ukitaka kupata kwanza uzoefu wa kuweza kuhariri Wikipedia, tafadhali tumia ukurasa wako kwa majaribio. Humo unaruhusiwa kujipatia uzoefu wa uundaji wa makala za Wikipedia! Juu yako mwenyewe uandike tu kwenye ukurasa wako wa mtumiaji. Humo uko huru kutangaza chochote upendacho, kama si biashara au matusi.

Ujue miiko:

Tunakushauri pia kuandikisha email yako; haitaonekana na wengine lakini wataweza kukuandikia kupitia mfumo wa Wikipedia. Karibu sana!

Welcome to Kiswahili Wikipedia!

We welcome you even if you don't speak Kiswahili. For a bot flag go to this site. If you try to edit entries as a non-speaker, it is better to first communicate with one of our admins who can advise you. You may find them at Wikipedia:Wakabidhi. And, please:

  • do not post computer translated texts (like Google Translate, Content Translation, etc. all do not work for Swahili)
  • nor copied texts/images from other webs to this site!
  • do not use links to commercial pages, never post anything that looks like advertising.

As a newcomer we advise that you register your email. This will not be visible to others but it allows us to notify you, which often is helpful in case of problems.

Kipala (majadiliano) 06:01, 3 Mei 2022 (UTC)Reply[jibu]

Samahani, nimesahihisha ukurasa wako kwa sababu hujawa mkabidhi, ila ukiendelea na bidii na uelewa wako utaweza kuchaguliwa siku yoyote. Amani kwako! --Riccardo Riccioni (majadiliano) 05:44, 31 Julai 2022 (UTC)Reply[jibu]
Asante. Pole, when added I thought it was users. 🤣
Amani kwako. - BevoLJ (majadiliano) 06:04, 31 Julai 2022 (UTC)Reply[jibu]

Template repair: locator maps[hariri chanzo]

Tnak you so much for your offer to help uns out with templates. So my no. 1 is about locator maps. Wen cannot import them yet from enwiki, there is still some subtemplates missing i think.

Maybe look at Isongole (Rungwe) where i just copied the settlement template. You see the error. On the other side, looking at Aachen, here locator map is working. Why?

And looking here Jamii:Pages with script errors you see the long list of pages where such problems ovcur. Can you have a look? Thanks Kipala (majadiliano) 09:07, 29 Septemba 2022 (UTC)Reply[jibu]

@Kipala Isongole was not calling {{coord}} while Aachen is. Can see in the edit the templates used (below edit window), coord template was absent from Isongole. The way it was being called, {{coord}}, in the infobox is how it is used on today, but in the template it might not be calling the module? I will look into this tomorrow morning and see why module it is not being called, but for now can just use the old method should fix the page error. BevoLJ (majadiliano) 10:11, 29 Septemba 2022 (UTC)Reply[jibu]
I quickly looked at how updated to the new coord system, I think they used bots to update every page on entire wiki. Yikes! Must be another way. People will keep cut/pasting from there the new coords and those errors will keep showing up.
In morning I will look and see if there is a way to used both new and old. But will want to set up sandbox to test that without effecting or causing errors in main space. Although main space already has so many script errors from it... Peace. BevoLJ (majadiliano) 10:44, 29 Septemba 2022 (UTC)Reply[jibu]
I looked at the location map issue, and script errors. I have a start of plan to address some of issues (not all yet). Added to talk page here. If you know of other things to address about it, please add to list. Thank you. BevoLJ (majadiliano) 00:51, 30 Septemba 2022 (UTC)Reply[jibu]
Imefanyika. @Kipala
Can now copy paste {{coord}} from It only works in article and infobox settlement. I have not updated any other infoboxes for the new coords yet. I added a coordinates = to the infobox so can use that. I have been trying to make it kiswahili rather than english but can not get kiswahili to work. Will continue an later time.
The current live infobox settlement is the one I made in sandbox. I have moved it over after I tested the new {{coord}} code in the sandbox. So that is also done.
Only thing left in the script errors cat you linked above are a few {{convert}} issues that have no real effect on article space. It is just the template looking for a few things for documentation purposes that do not exist yet. Will address that at later date.
If you have any other issues to address please feel free to ask! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Peace. BevoLJ (majadiliano) 05:09, 2 Oktoba 2022 (UTC)Reply[jibu]
Thank you so much. Sorry I am short of replying these days. I am just starting into a new job and there is much to do. After the first week I hope to see clearer. I passed your contact to our sw-group. So some may have contacted you or will. There is a question if you could have time to do an online teaching session with our admin group how to work on info boxes. Would you be availale to try something like that? Kipala (majadiliano) 17:59, 2 Oktoba 2022 (UTC)Reply[jibu]
Hongera sana kwako! Do not be sorry, please. I wish you great success at the new job!
I would love to do a meeting to explain infoboxes. The idea of meeting everyone makes me very happy! Time might be difficult, but I think we can someday make it happen. Currently I am in Texas so... when I finish my job, you goto sleep. When I lay to sleep, you are waking up. 🤣🤣
Until a meeting can be organized, I will open a discussion at Majadiliano ya kigezo:Infobox settlement, and post a link to it on main discussion page. I will also make some of the current infoboxes in article space into kiswahili so others can see that kiswahili can be used. Good luck with the new job! Peace. BevoLJ (majadiliano) 20:45, 2 Oktoba 2022 (UTC)Reply[jibu]

2016 census in Tanzania?[hariri chanzo]

It was not a census, but a calculation. Thank you for your work on our behalf from Texas. Peace to you! --Riccardo Riccioni (majadiliano) 14:16, 3 Oktoba 2022 (UTC)Reply[jibu]

Sir, thank you for your corrections. I have removed the 2016 calculations, and replaced with the 2012 census. If you see any other issues, your education and guidance is greatly appreciated! Peace. BevoLJ (majadiliano) 21:01, 3 Oktoba 2022 (UTC)Reply[jibu]