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Hello! Sorry for writing in English. It was noted that on this wiki there is little community activity around uploads: less than 50 "Futa" actions in "Faili" last year.

I guess this wiki doesn't have the interest or energies to maintain complex templates and metadata, especially for EDP files. I propose to

so that no new work is needed on this wiki and all users can have a functioning, easy upload interface in their own language. All registered users can upload on Commons.

All this will be done around 2014-09-30.

  1. If you disagree with the proposal, just remove this wiki from the list.
  2. To make the UploadWizard even better, please tell your experience and ideas on commons:Commons:Upload Wizard feedback.
  3. In all cases, existing files will not be affected, but everyone is welcome to join m:File metadata cleanup drive. The goal is to give better credit to the authors who provided us their works.

Nemo 19:12, 18 Septemba 2014 (UTC)[jibu]

Thanks, Nemo, for the reminder. No objections from my side, so I guess the change will simply go ahead automatically, right? Cheers, --Baba Tabita (majadiliano) 10:33, 19 Septemba 2014 (UTC)[jibu]
Nemo, io ci capisco poco. In compenso qualcuno di noi collaboratori di sw.wikipedia sa fare molto. Il guaio è che siamo pochi.Abbiate pazienza. Pace a tutti! --Riccardo Riccioni (majadiliano) 12:27, 19 Septemba 2014 (UTC)[jibu]
Anche io non ho capito tutto - Sielewi yote lakini kimsingi sioni tatizo. Waendelee tu Kipala (majadiliano) 08:25, 20 Septemba 2014 (UTC)[jibu]
Va bene, allora procediamo! (I didn't know Italian was a lingua franca here!) --Nemo bis (majadiliano) 19:27, 28 Septemba 2014 (UTC)[jibu]

Remove GFDL[hariri chanzo]

GFDL is meant for software manuals and it is not good for media because it makes it difficult to re-use the material. Motivated by the the wish of making it easier to re-use files Wikimedia Foundation Board decided in 2009 to stop using GFDL as a sole license per this message. So I suggest that GFDL is removed as a suggested license. --MGA73 (majadiliano) 17:23, 14 Aprili 2021 (UTC)[jibu]

I am not clear what the consequence would be. Do we use it at all? Where is it relevant? Kipala (majadiliano) 10:41, 28 Mei 2021 (UTC)[jibu]
Hi Kipala! When someone upload files to swwiki there will be a dropdown list with suggested licenses. The suggestions are whatever is shown on MediaWiki:Licenses. So if you remove GFDL as one of the suggested licenses then it will no longer be on the dropdown list. It will not affect any files allready uploaded with GFDL. According to Maalum:OrodhayaFali there are uploaded files to swwiki. --MGA73 (majadiliano) 12:33, 28 Mei 2021 (UTC)[jibu]
Hello again. I fixed a typo and added missing word above. When someone upload files they are asked to chose a license from a list. I think we should only include good licenses on the list. There is no reason to give someone the option to chose a bad license. If GFDL is removed then users can still upload files. All they have to do is to pick another license. --MGA73 (majadiliano) 16:21, 16 Juni 2021 (UTC)[jibu]

My suggestion is to remove these lines

** self|GFDL|FAL|Own work, copyleft, attribution required (GFDL, Free Art License)

** self|GFDL|Own work, copyleft, attribution required (GFDL)

** [GNU Licenses:]
*** GFDL|GNU Free Documentation License
*** GFDL-en|GFDL content with disclaimers from English Wikipedia
*** GFDL-it|GFDL content with disclaimers from Italian Wikipedia
*** GFDL-ja|GFDL content with disclaimers from Japanese Wikipedia

Since the latest version of cc is 4.0 you could perhaps update from 3.0 to 4.0 too. --MGA73 (majadiliano) 12:11, 3 Julai 2021 (UTC)[jibu]

English Wikipedia have recently decided that GFDL-only is no longer permitted (August 2021). --MGA73 (majadiliano) 18:02, 5 Agosti 2021 (UTC)[jibu]