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:::Hi I see you keep it up which is beautiful! Russia needs lot of work. NOW: we have that listing of a lo of areas under "[[Mikoa ya Urusi]]". I did [[Maeneo ya Shirikisho la Urusi]] (Federal subjects of Russia) because of your questions. Now I think putting everything under Mikoa ya Urusi was not such a good idea. Under mikoa we should only group oblast and krai (which I learned are the same except for historical connotation?). Then the "Republics" we should not put as mikoa. Can you work with the list I did? I can give you wordings for he different types but please tell me. '''[[Mtumiaji:Kipala|Kipala]] ([[Majadiliano ya mtumiaji:Kipala|majadiliano]])''' 22:22, 6 Aprili 2016 (UTC)
::::ok '''[[Mtumiaji:CYl7EPTEMA777|CYl7EPTEMA777]] ([[Majadiliano ya mtumiaji:CYl7EPTEMA777#top|majadiliano]])'''
::::can you create articles [[Historia ya Urusi]] and [[Jiografia ya Urusi]]? (small) '''[[Mtumiaji:CYl7EPTEMA777|CYl7EPTEMA777]] ([[Majadiliano ya mtumiaji:CYl7EPTEMA777#top|majadiliano]])'''