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[[File:Fumo negro.jpg|thumb|right|''[[Moshi]] mweusi'' kutoka [[Kikanisa cha Sisto IV]] ni [[ishara]] ya kwamba Papa mpya hajachaguliwa.<ref name=Fumata-SmokeSignal>{{cite news|last=Chumley|first=Cheryl K.|title=What Do American Catholics Want in the Next Pope?|url=|accessdate=15 March 2013|newspaper=Fox News|date=12 March 2013|agency=The Washington Times|location= |archiveurl=|archivedate=2017-07-07}}</ref>]]
[[File:Fumo branco.jpg|thumb|right|''Moshi mweupe'' ni ishara ya kwamba Papa mpya amechaguliwa.<ref name=Fumata-SmokeSignal />]]
{{Kanisa Katoliki}}
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