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Kenkre (kwa Kigiriki: Κεγχρεαί, Kenkhreai, leo: Κεχριές, Kekhries[1]) ilikuwa bandari ya Wagiriki wa Kale[2] km 8 kusini-mashariki kwa Korintho nchini Ugiriki.

Mwaka 58 Mtume Paulo alikaa huko akisubiri meli aende Yerusalemu (Mdo 18:8). Katika waraka kwa Warumi anataja mahali hapo na Febe.

Tanbihi[hariri | hariri chanzo]

  1. Απογραφή Πληθυσμού - Κατοικιών 2011. ΜΟΝΙΜΟΣ Πληθυσμός (Greek). Hellenic Statistical Authority.
  2. The ancient harbor was partly excavated in 1962-1969 by a team sponsored by the Athens-based American School of Classical Studies under the general direction of Robert Scranton. Excavations have uncovered several buildings that attest to the commercial vitality of the port throughout the Roman Empire and into the 7th century, when maritime activity and local habitation apparently diminished. The most impressive buildings located at the north and south ends of the harbor include blocks of rooms near the waterfront (probably warehouses); fishtanks; monumental complexes decorated with sculpted marble (possibly sanctuaries of Aphrodite and of Isis whose cults the 2nd-century CE writer Pausanias attests at the town), mosaic pavements, and wall-painting (either sacred structures, lavish seaside villas, or rich public benefactions); and a Christian basilica. Most distinctive among the many discoveries was over a hundred fourth-century CE panels in glass opus sectile found in their original packing crates and awaiting installation in a possible sanctuary of Isis whose great annual festival is the scene of the climax of Apuleius' novel "Metamorphosis" which tells the story of a man turned into a donkey and back again (thanks to the intervention of the goddess). The Chicago team published six volumes about the architecture, glass panels, pottery, coins, lamps and furniture pieces from the excavations. Material from the excavations is stored in the Archaeological Museum of Isthmia, where some of it is on display. The American Excavations at Kenchreai are now directed by Joseph L. Rife, whose team has begun to re-evaluate the discoveries in the 1960s and to complete their study and publication. Cfr. Kenchreai Archaeological Archive (KAA): The American Excavations at Kenchreai, editors: Joseph L. Rife and Sebastian Heath; accessed April 2019

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37°53′6″N 22°59′15″E / 37.88500°N 22.98750°E / 37.88500; 22.98750Coordinates: 37°53′6″N 22°59′15″E / 37.88500°N 22.98750°E / 37.88500; 22.98750

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